Greece Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Crystal FLY LO646,316
cover2Obsessed Light450,811
cover3Erotas SNIK447,754
cover4FAVELA Rack440,418
cover5AKOMI SIDARTA421,144
cover6AMOR Rack386,444
cover8Egw & Esy Trannos353,176
cover10Epiloges Light311,712
cover11Den Exw Sima Strat308,699
cover1224hrs Light306,899
cover13Nani Mad Clip246,659
cover14CELINE Hawk240,559
cover15DEN EIMAI DIKOS SOU Rack227,416
cover16Work Out SNIK217,284
cover17Salonikios RICTA216,789
cover18Bossidonas Bossikan205,802
cover19El Telephone Eleni Foureira185,300
cover20Iliovasilema - (Part 2 - Fos) Konstantinos Argiros185,100
cover21Skoni TOQUEL176,448
cover22Palmous TOQUEL175,322
cover23Gia Sena Sadam173,448
cover24Platina TOQUEL169,596
cover25I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta166,440
cover26Aya Eleni Foureira164,737
cover27OLE Oge158,018
cover28Made In Albania Leaderbrain157,973
cover29Ligo Ligo Anastasia151,401
cover30Doja Central Cee146,117
cover31Under The Influence Chris Brown142,867
cover32PADOU Saske142,369
cover33Mavromalla Lau Jr141,953
cover34Self Made Rack138,382
cover35Beverly Hills TOQUEL135,418
cover36Oh No Aspa133,139
cover37Afou Se Vrika De S' Afino - (Part 2 - Fos) Konstantinos Argiros130,266
cover38NANA SNIK126,148
cover39Bella Vita Light125,358
cover40Panorama TOQUEL122,939
cover41Peace & Love VLOSPA121,984
cover42Nisi Fy121,240
cover43As It Was Harry Styles119,666
cover44Kokkina Matia TOQUEL117,285
cover45BELLA Feisty117,257
cover46Sinialo SNIK109,970
cover47Tsita Bossikan108,910
cover48Karatia Bossikan104,962
cover49GUNAIKES Rack103,680
cover50Ferrari James Hype102,179
cover51Trafficante SNIK101,730
cover52Aftoktonia TOQUEL97,389
cover53Miami 2 Bloody Hawk95,856
cover54Mamacita Light94,469
cover55I Was Never There The Weeknd94,336
cover56Easy Rider Light93,877
cover57Shut Down BLACKPINK93,369
cover58Kokaina TOQUEL91,688
cover59Tora Tora (Boro Boro) Giorgos Mazonakis90,159
cover60BAM Roi 6/1289,473
cover61Gennimeni Giorgos Sabanis88,653
cover62Aima Anna Vissi88,269
cover63Latina Leaderbrain87,150
cover64Madame Kings86,293
cover65Tropicana Trannos85,279
cover66Omorfo Koritsi Thug Slime84,629
cover67Mamacita Bossikan84,048
cover68Misos Thug Slime82,845
cover69Loyal FLY LO80,021
cover70Teddy Bruckshot Light79,693
cover71Moth To A Flame Swedish House Mafia79,314
cover72GINA Hawk78,730
cover73Call Out My Name The Weeknd78,449
cover74Tilefono Josephine78,262
cover75Pink Venom BLACKPINK77,893
cover76Air Max LEX77,052
cover77Amarties Anastasia76,095
cover78YAYO Dirty Harry74,691
cover79Bandolero HGEMONA$74,251
cover80NASA Rack73,775
cover81T-MAX Wang73,270
cover82Moneydance TOQUEL71,756
cover83Intro (Apo Tous Yponomous) LEX71,510
cover84I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys69,470
cover85Another Love Tom Odell68,883
cover86Ccinderella RICTA68,861
cover87Alitisa Stan68,452
cover88Ghettoz Kidd68,369
cover89Holdem LEX68,121
cover90ISLAMABAD Dani Gambino67,972
cover91Malagouzia RICTA67,708
cover92Mporei Mad Clip66,748
cover93Mili Fy66,385
cover94Alliws ATC Nico66,290
cover95925 SIDARTA65,850
cover96BLUE NOTE Hawk65,516
cover97I Ain't Worried OneRepublic65,427
cover98Tora Greg64,885
cover99Die For You The Weeknd64,087
cover100Staxti Aspa64,086
cover101Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood63,997
cover102Ibiza Trannos63,314
cover103Bar Roi 6/1262,946
cover104Pes Tou - Remix Dirty Harry59,975
cover105Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush59,951
cover106Starboy The Weeknd59,663
cover107XILIOMETRA Mad Clip59,555
cover108Standby Bloody Hawk59,359
cover109Ring Ring Lau Jr59,124
cover110Madame Kings58,837
cover111Heat Waves Glass Animals57,284
cover112ALITHEIA Saske56,867
cover113Mood Makar56,564
cover114YELAY Rack56,419
cover115GIA NA SIDARTA56,352
cover116Oso Tipota Se Thelo Nikos Oikonomopoulos56,279
cover117Taliban Mad Clip56,275
cover118Wet SNIK55,926
cover119Bernabeu Mc Daddy55,898
cover120TO MEROS Rack55,585
cover121Giousef TOQUEL55,387
cover122Lamogia Jitano55,379
cover123Toxic Light55,316
cover124Prasina Lil PoP55,133
cover125Mono Esy Kai Ego - (Part 2 - Fos) Konstantinos Argiros54,862
cover126ELA PARTO Dani Gambino54,318
cover127Kardia Mou Mente Fuerte54,288
cover128Chinchilla SNIK54,065
cover129Zinedine Raps On The Run53,822
cover130Mask Off Roi 6/1253,694
cover131Eho Erota Mazi Sou Nikos Makropoulos53,095
cover132ZULU Dani Gambino52,938
cover133Sinthikes Mad Clip52,838
cover134Cc Light52,721
cover135Parto Habari Mad Clip52,656
cover136FLOGA Jims52,231
cover137Where Are You Now Lost Frequencies51,780
cover138Sigkinitika 'Sigkinithika' Eleni Foureira51,501
cover139ELLADA Rack51,332
cover140MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Elley Duhé51,126
cover141Bonnie & Clyde Thug Slime51,074
cover142Poulia LEX50,950
cover143Koko TOQUEL50,601
cover144To Parathiro Mou LEX50,080
cover145Super Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj49,981
cover146Point Blank LEX49,922
cover147Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey49,435
cover148505 Arctic Monkeys49,255
cover149Cold Heart - PNAU Remix Elton John49,147
cover150Lenon Mad Clip49,118
cover151The Motto Tiësto49,056
cover152MIAMI SNIK48,700
cover153Glimpse of Us Joji48,272
cover154King Lo FLY LO47,551
cover155TAMELE Rack47,482
cover156Esi Ise Pano Ap' Ola Michalis Hatzigiannis47,182
cover157Romantic Homicide d4vd47,149
cover158Shake It Mad Clip46,819
cover159SNAP Rosa Linn46,778
cover160Sex, Drugs, Etc. Beach Weather46,402
cover161CARLOS TEVEZ Dani Gambino46,146
cover162Shorty Light45,281
cover163Aroma Fy45,186
cover164Prestige Rack45,035
cover165Industry Trannos44,561
cover166M2S LEX44,040
cover167Save Your Tears The Weeknd43,960
cover168Lost in the Fire Gesaffelstein43,872
cover169BERLUSCONI Hawk43,853
cover1701000 Kosmoi Dani Gambino43,472
cover171Bad Habit Steve Lacy43,123
cover172LOCA Leaderbrain43,101
cover173Eleftheros - (Part 1 - Nostalgia) Konstantinos Argiros42,931
cover174Blinding Lights The Weeknd42,743
cover175OPLO Trannos42,593
cover176Mary On A Cross Ghost42,558
cover177Tha Me Zitas (Tha Apousiazo) - 2022 Panos Kiamos42,305
cover178Exw Thema KG42,246
cover179Akoma Meno Zontanos FANN42,233
cover180Jimmy Cooks Drake41,954
cover181MAVRA LEFTA Saske41,954
cover182Fotiá - Evangelia x Eleni Foureira Evangelia41,765
cover183Hotel Montell Fish41,574
cover184Dior Pop Smoke41,391
cover185Alitissa Thug Slime41,369
cover186Eleutheroi Logos Timis41,270
cover187Egw Ki Esy Sophia41,250
cover188Car's Outside James Arthur41,200
cover189Flore Ti Koitas Strat41,197
cover190King Kong Bossikan41,059
cover191BAM ATC Nico41,048
cover192Al Dente Bloody Hawk40,967
cover193Anagki Na Se Do Bloody Hawk40,887
cover194Dale Mente Fuerte40,644
cover195Lampo Diablo40,633
cover196Van Persie Light40,564
cover197An Christos Mastoras40,351
cover198Deathmatch Wang40,190
cover199Amnesia Sigma40,099
cover200Chit Chat Mad Clip40,043

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