Singapore Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Espresso Sabrina Carpenter651,070
cover2Fortnight Taylor Swift500,540
cover3Magnetic ILLIT453,147
cover4MILLION DOLLAR BABY Tommy Richman441,350
cover5we can't be friends (wait for your love) Ariana Grande399,803
cover6I Can Do It With a Broken Heart Taylor Swift298,007
cover7SPOT! ZICO295,374
cover8End of Beginning Djo275,485
cover9Cruel Summer Taylor Swift270,404
cover10Too Sweet Hozier263,305
cover11Not Like Us Kendrick Lamar262,759
cover12Saturn SZA251,973
cover13Down Bad Taylor Swift234,619
cover15Seven Jung Kook214,978
cover16Guilty as Sin? Taylor Swift210,344
cover17intro (end of the world) Ariana Grande203,226
cover18Love You With All My Heart Crush200,260
cover19i like the way you kiss me Artemas200,091
cover20drunk text Henry Moodie198,529
cover21Beautiful Things Benson Boone192,585
cover22One Of The Girls The Weeknd185,910
cover23greedy Tate McRae179,932
cover24Smart LE SSERAFIM179,756
cover25Like Crazy Jimin173,311
cover26Nonsense Sabrina Carpenter164,581
cover27HEYA IVE162,893
cover29Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? Taylor Swift157,291
cover30Feather Sabrina Carpenter155,873
cover31My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys Taylor Swift155,683
cover32EASY LE SSERAFIM152,575
cover33The Tortured Poets Department Taylor Swift151,578
cover34So Long, London Taylor Swift148,508
cover35My Love Mine All Mine Mitski147,112
cover36But Daddy I Love Him Taylor Swift144,869
cover37euphoria Kendrick Lamar142,450
cover38我会等 承桓134,632
cover39I Had Some Help (Feat. Morgan Wallen) Post Malone130,555
cover40Nobody Gets Me SZA130,542
cover41Like That Future127,546
cover42Night Changes One Direction127,403
cover43loml Taylor Swift126,104
cover44Tell Ur Girlfriend Lay Bankz125,848
cover45在加納共和國離婚 Firdhaus123,690
cover46double take Dhruv123,159
cover47Snooze SZA121,491
cover48字字句句 卢卢快闭嘴119,763
cover49So High School Taylor Swift119,374
cover50As It Was Harry Styles117,442
cover51Supernova aespa116,593
cover52Standing Next to You Jung Kook116,435
cover53vampire Olivia Rodrigo114,855
cover54Slow It Down Benson Boone114,757
cover55Perfect Night LE SSERAFIM113,966
cover56Lose My Breath Stray Kids113,904
cover57The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived Taylor Swift111,889
cover58The Alchemy Taylor Swift110,181
cover59Ghost Justin Bieber110,130
cover60Good Luck, Babe! Chappell Roan109,851
cover61FRI(END)S V108,998
cover62Love Me Again V108,783
cover63友谊长存 Firdhaus107,861
cover643D Jung Kook107,812
cover65Drama aespa107,580
cover66Kill Bill SZA106,510
cover67如果可以 - 電影"月老"主題曲 WeiBird103,970
cover68Dandelions Ruth B.101,771
cover69Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers100,845
cover70Florida!!! Taylor Swift100,739
cover71Stay The Kid LAROI100,347
cover72Feel It d4vd98,412
cover73Tip Toe HYBS96,233
cover74The Reasons of My Smiles BSS95,959
cover75Say You Won't Let Go James Arthur95,735
cover76总会有人 (男版) 承桓95,128
cover77the boy is mine Ariana Grande94,463
cover78Super Shy NewJeans93,297
cover79从前说 小阿七91,381
cover80Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi90,694
cover81FE!N Travis Scott90,202
cover82Yellow Coldplay89,806
cover83Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars89,747
cover84Fresh Out The Slammer Taylor Swift89,679
cover85Stargazing Myles Smith88,144
cover86Lose Control Teddy Swims88,015
cover87Lover Taylor Swift87,907
cover88Come back to me RM87,720
cover89Midas Touch KISS OF LIFE87,436
cover90Water Tyla87,402
cover91From The Start Laufey86,304
cover92哪里都是你 隊長85,841
cover93Risk Gracie Abrams85,766
cover94imgonnagetyouback Taylor Swift84,193
cover95Hold Me Back HEIZE83,643
cover96嘉宾 张远83,560
cover97飞鸟和蝉 Ren Ran82,656
cover98I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys82,639
cover99Viva La Vida Coldplay82,364
cover100Belong Together Mark Ambor82,226
cover101STUPID IN LOVE MAX81,943
cover102Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood81,527
cover103說好不哭 Jay Chou80,966
cover104In The Stars Benson Boone80,284
cover10524/7, 365 elijah woods79,407
cover106Gata Only FloyyMenor77,785
cover107I Ain't Worried OneRepublic77,712
cover108你,好不好? - TVBS連續劇【遺憾拼圖】片尾曲 Eric Chou76,811
cover109Marry You Bruno Mars76,295
cover110It Will Rain Bruno Mars76,287
cover111A Sky Full of Stars Coldplay76,253
cover112Sunroof Nicky Youre75,135
cover113Clara Bow Taylor Swift75,131
cover114擱淺 Jay Chou75,009
cover115Flowers Miley Cyrus74,859
cover116I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can) Taylor Swift74,587
cover117Closer The Chainsmokers73,856
cover118What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] Billie Eilish73,756
cover119The Night We Met Lord Huron73,584
cover120Tell Me It's Not a Dream 10CM73,342
cover121嚣张 en73,114
cover122That's What I Like Bruno Mars73,095
cover123traitor Olivia Rodrigo72,872
cover124Sunflower - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post Malone72,739
cover125Locked out of Heaven Bruno Mars72,706
cover126We Don't Talk Anymore Charlie Puth72,618
cover127Somewhere Only We Know Keane72,424
cover128What Makes You Beautiful One Direction72,347
cover129Interlude : Dive Jimin72,140
cover130Here With Me d4vd72,033
cover131All The Stars Kendrick Lamar71,916
cover132drivers license Olivia Rodrigo71,453
cover133这是你期盼的长大吗 ZQS71,125
cover134你的答案 阿冗70,975
cover135The Black Dog Taylor Swift70,661
cover136I Love You So The Walters70,645
cover137Deja Vu TOMORROW X TOGETHER70,616
cover138deja vu Olivia Rodrigo70,520
cover139Pieces Of My Heart Charlotte Duval70,420
cover140OMG NewJeans69,661
cover141seasons wave to earth69,459
cover142Hall of Fame The Script69,072
cover143exes Tate McRae68,946
cover144怎麼了 Eric Chou68,914
cover145Starboy The Weeknd68,899
cover146Best Part H.E.R.68,655
cover147When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars68,552
cover148Ditto NewJeans68,504
cover149yes, and? Ariana Grande66,321
cover150Love Story (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift66,192
cover151Let Me Down Slowly Alec Benjamin65,834
cover152Payphone Maroon 565,580
cover153I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta65,483
cover154The Prophecy Taylor Swift65,473
cover155Open Arms SZA65,459
cover156Sudden Shower Eclipse65,333
cover157Anti-Hero Taylor Swift64,959
cover158Die For You The Weeknd64,357
cover159告白氣球 Jay Chou64,200
cover160Perfect Ed Sheeran63,589
cover161晴天 Jay Chou63,504
cover162我走后 - 发行版 小咪63,148
cover163Hope Is the Thing With Feathers Robin62,725
cover164Counting Stars OneRepublic62,609
cover165Love wins all IU62,457
cover166Demons Imagine Dragons62,401
cover167总会有人 向思思62,217
cover168I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys62,162
cover169See You Again Tyler, The Creator62,140
cover170Fallin' Isaac Hong62,015
cover171Talking to the Moon Bruno Mars61,690
cover172A Bar Song (Tipsy) Shaboozey61,656
cover173若月亮没来(若是月亮还没来) 王宇宙Leto61,593
cover174favorite Isabel LaRosa61,437
cover175Heather Conan Gray61,361
cover177Hell N Back Bakar61,031
cover178Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex60,937
cover179Fatal Trouble ENHYPEN60,625
cover180I Don't Wanna Wait David Guetta60,132
cover181Lucky Girl Syndrome ILLIT59,894
cover182Blank Space Taylor Swift59,513
cover183august Taylor Swift58,944
cover184Hype Boy NewJeans58,823
cover185A Thousand Years Christina Perri58,773
cover186One Last Time Ariana Grande58,554
cover187Memories Maroon 558,546
cover188Circles Post Malone58,527
cover189爱怎么了 陈村长58,149
cover190最后一页 王赫野57,544
cover191Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez57,347
cover192Fate (G)I-DLE57,302
cover193How Did It End? Taylor Swift57,221
cover194Unstoppable Sia57,180
cover195golden hour JVKE57,018
cover196redrum 21 Savage56,895
cover197有些 颜人中56,785
cover198bye Ariana Grande56,251
cover199About You The 197556,247
cover200Car's Outside James Arthur56,162

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