Hong Kong Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Magnetic ILLIT375,018
cover2岩巉 Keung To268,690
cover3黑月 Keung To251,875
cover4 Keung To223,919
cover5Dummy Keung To213,441
cover6Dear My Friend, Keung To206,416
cover7黑玻璃 Kaho Hung200,289
cover8MY LIFE Anson Lo 盧瀚霆194,052
cover9Love Me Again V190,461
cover10FRI(END)S V178,683
cover11緊急聯絡人 Gareth.T175,718
cover12隔牆有耳 MC 張天賦168,360
cover13MONEY Anson Lo 盧瀚霆156,459
cover15三生有幸 Yan Ting146,300
cover16ON Anson Lo 盧瀚霆142,159
cover17EASY LE SSERAFIM129,697
cover18Seven Jung Kook127,683
cover19遇上你之前的我 Gareth.T127,647
cover20Cruel Summer Taylor Swift126,616
cover21永久損毀 MC 張天賦121,833
cover22we can't be friends (wait for your love) Ariana Grande107,688
cover23仍在 陳卓賢 Ian106,956
cover24與我無關 MC 張天賦105,422
cover25Smart LE SSERAFIM104,153
cover26Lost At First Sight 陳卓賢 Ian102,300
cover27Perfect Night LE SSERAFIM94,029
cover28青春告別式 Hins Cheung93,609
cover29隱形遊樂場 Hins Cheung91,985
cover30再見 寧靜海 陳卓賢 Ian91,959
cover31greedy Tate McRae91,506
cover32七點半鐘的陽光 MC 張天賦90,253
cover33浪漫殺死巨蟹座 Anson Lo 盧瀚霆87,961
cover34至少做一件離譜的事 Kiri T84,140
cover35 Panther Chan83,772
cover36老派約會之必要 MC 張天賦82,420
cover37Fate (G)I-DLE82,336
cover38油麻地莎士比亞 Edan 呂爵安81,624
cover39夜視鏡 陳卓賢 Ian78,939
cover40Espresso Sabrina Carpenter78,074
cover41給你幸福 所以幸福 Jay Fung77,536
cover42意外現場 Yan Ting76,627
cover43 MC 張天賦76,182
cover44遲了悔改 - ViuTV電視劇《太平紋身店》主題曲 Yan Ting75,561
cover45記憶棉 MC 張天賦75,225
cover46Midas Touch KISS OF LIFE74,688
cover47留一天與你喘息 陳卓賢 Ian74,400
cover48Deja Vu TOMORROW X TOGETHER73,608
cover49End of Beginning Djo72,661
cover50世一 MC 張天賦71,384
cover51深閨 Anson Lo 盧瀚霆68,884
cover52作品的說話 Keung To66,852
cover53Beautiful Things Benson Boone66,666
cover543D Jung Kook63,935
cover55衰仔樂園 Kaho Hung63,743
cover56Illusion Dua Lipa61,379
cover57i like the way you kiss me Artemas61,217
cover58Slow Dancing V60,943
cover59Nah Anson Lo 盧瀚霆60,008
cover60特別約會儀式 (ViuTV 劇集 "社內相親" 插曲) Anson Lo 盧瀚霆58,455
cover61Standing Next to You Jung Kook57,676
cover62Too Sweet Hozier57,312
cover63櫻花樹下 Hins Cheung56,769
cover64神的不在場證明 Panther Chan56,611
cover65Super Shy NewJeans55,256
cover66無答案 Terence Lam54,870
cover67蒙著嘴說愛你 Keung To54,760
cover68反對無效 MC 張天賦54,508
cover69The Astronaut JIN50,936
cover70囍帖街 Kay Tse50,880
cover71アイドル YOASOBI50,368
cover72plot twist TWS49,795
cover73富士山下 Eason Chan49,573
cover74如果可以 - 電影"月老"主題曲 WeiBird49,470
cover75Bling-Bang-Bang-Born Creepy Nuts49,407
cover76抱抱無尾熊 陳卓賢 Ian49,247
cover77擱淺 Jay Chou49,246
cover78擁抱後的歌 陳卓賢 Ian49,089
cover79E先生 愛人執照 Edan 呂爵安47,946
cover80Look into my eyes Nancy Kwai47,443
cover81Drama aespa47,370
cover82填詞魂 謝雅兒47,355
cover83及時行樂 Kaho Hung46,769
cover84Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi46,706
cover85Nonsense Sabrina Carpenter46,300
cover86I AM IVE46,018
cover87Saturn SZA45,710
cover88到底發生過什麼事 Dear Jane45,692
cover89賽勒斯的愛 Hins Cheung45,470
cover90國際孤獨等級 Gareth.T45,412
cover91Ghost Justin Bieber45,396
cover92窮人的薔薇 Panther Chan45,392
cover93鏡中鏡 Keung To45,269
cover94One Of The Girls The Weeknd44,922
cover95Lover Taylor Swift44,859
cover96オレンジ SPYAIR44,301
cover97時候不早 MC 張天賦44,188
cover98My Love Mine All Mine Mitski44,019
cover99Super Tuna JIN43,733
cover100頭號玩家 NO.1 Player 張哲瀚43,365
cover101隔離 - Studio Live Duet JACE43,272
cover102凡星 Panther Chan43,214
cover103OMG NewJeans43,126
cover104Feather Sabrina Carpenter43,049
cover105說好不哭 Jay Chou42,917
cover106企好 Gin Lee42,871
cover107Stay The Kid LAROI42,664
cover108Super Lady (G)I-DLE42,661
cover109Ditto NewJeans42,646
cover110Queencard (G)I-DLE41,926
cover111夜に駆ける YOASOBI41,721
cover112王菀之嘅歌鼓勵人 Ivana Wong41,639
cover113Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers41,524
cover114What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] Billie Eilish41,514
cover115浮床 Dear Jane40,705
cover116永順街39號 Anson Lo 盧瀚霆40,575
cover118主角光環 Kaho Hung40,387
cover119Water Tyla40,177
cover120Anti-Hero Taylor Swift40,163
cover121STUPID IN LOVE MAX39,786
cover122Training Season Dua Lipa39,767
cover123慢性分手 Cloud 雲浩影39,535
cover124春秋 Hins Cheung39,477
cover125晴天 Jay Chou39,233
cover126To. X TAEYEON39,153
cover127瑪莉晚安了 (林家謙分擔合唱曲) Yoga Lin39,004
cover128群青 YOASOBI38,595
cover129逆時車站 Kaho Hung38,498
cover130明年今日 Eason Chan37,986
cover131地球上的最後一朵花 陳卓賢 Ian37,850
cover133陀飛輪 Eason Chan37,546
cover134yes, and? Ariana Grande37,401
cover135伸縮自如的愛 Panther Chan37,394
cover136Wife (G)I-DLE37,074
cover138Lose Control Teddy Swims36,995
cover139大哥 Janice Vidal36,929
cover140一手造成 Winka 陳泳伽36,848
cover141告白氣球 Jay Chou36,839
cover142I Ain't Worried OneRepublic36,759
cover143Baddie IVE36,743
cover144小心地滑 MC 張天賦36,706
cover145無條件 Eason Chan36,612
cover146Hype Boy NewJeans36,565
cover147ETA NewJeans35,885
cover148好好掛住 陳健安35,722
cover149花海 MC 張天賦35,677
cover150鯨落 陳卓賢 Ian35,673
cover151Really Like You Gyubin35,466
cover152一人之境 in C major Terence Lam35,394
cover153You & Me JENNIE35,279
cover154月色 Anson Kong 江𤒹生35,272
cover155Like That Future35,245
cover156Love wins all IU35,232
cover157你瞞我瞞 Jason Chan35,170
cover158intro (end of the world) Ariana Grande35,069
cover159the boy is mine Ariana Grande34,920
cover160只是太愛你 Hins Cheung34,914
cover161為何嚴重到這樣 Dear Jane34,911
cover162Like I Do J.Tajor34,639
cover163Night Changes One Direction34,617
cover164思覺失調 Wilfred Lau34,515
cover165回憶半分鐘 Cloud 雲浩影34,389
cover166珊瑚海 Jay Chou34,373
cover167My Everything Yan Ting34,282
cover16824/7, 365 elijah woods34,224
cover169Flowers Miley Cyrus34,092
cover170一路向北 Jay Chou33,987
cover172Frenemy MC 張天賦33,552
cover173wherever u r UMI33,308
cover174ONE SPARK TWICE33,237
cover175世一 (不可一世) MC 張天賦32,956
cover176救命稻草 MC 張天賦32,403
cover177Memories Maroon 532,333
cover178Day 0 Mirror32,293
cover179可惜我是水瓶座 Miriam Yeung32,145
cover180vampire Olivia Rodrigo31,550
cover181餘震 Hins Cheung31,511
cover182命硬 Justin Lo31,354
cover183Houdini Dua Lipa31,307
cover184Love Story (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift31,276
cover185Chosen Family COLLAR31,160
cover186Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth31,043
cover187歲月如歌 Eason Chan30,993
cover188七里香 Jay Chou30,949
cover189Sunflower - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post Malone30,920
cover190酷愛 Hins Cheung30,841
cover191我本人 Kary Ng30,801
cover192勇者 YOASOBI30,793
cover193Payphone Maroon 530,714
cover194drunk text Henry Moodie30,621
cover195你不會一輩子的愛上我 Tyson Yoshi30,571
cover196給缺席的人唱首歌 Jay Fung30,571
cover197New Jeans NewJeans30,532
cover198相愛很難 - 電影"男人四十"歌曲 Jacky Cheung30,423
cover199俏郎君 Hins Cheung30,356
cover200Talking to the Moon Bruno Mars30,241

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