Hong Kong Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1 Keung To426,932
cover2風雨不改 (電影《阿媽有咗第二個》主題曲) Keung To392,062
cover3MONEY Anson Lo 盧瀚霆357,138
cover4Dear My Friend, Keung To336,429
cover5無糖可口可樂 X 姜濤 • 無可取代 Coca-Cola Hong Kong319,633
cover6永順街39號 Anson Lo 盧瀚霆308,946
cover7作品的說話 Keung To284,283
cover8偷情 Anson Lo 盧瀚霆258,237
cover9國際孤獨等級 Gareth.T206,480
cover10再見 寧靜海 陳卓賢 Ian196,054
cover11老派約會之必要 MC 張天賦186,186
cover12同居陌生人 (ViuTV劇集: 百萬同居計劃歌曲) Anson Lo 盧瀚霆181,945
cover13到底發生過什麼事 Dear Jane174,659
cover14世一 MC 張天賦161,198
cover15留一天與你喘息 陳卓賢 Ian153,609
cover16地球上的最後一朵花 陳卓賢 Ian151,946
cover17OMG NewJeans146,026
cover18記憶棉 MC 張天賦141,198
cover19鏡中鏡 Keung To134,081
cover20Ditto NewJeans133,383
cover21Distance 陳卓賢 Ian113,022
cover22Flowers Miley Cyrus107,391
cover23Rumours Mirror104,937
cover24時候不早 MC 張天賦98,949
cover25一手造成 Winka 陳泳伽98,749
cover26世一 (不可一世) MC 張天賦98,684
cover27Kill Bill SZA93,308
cover28Hype Boy NewJeans90,504
cover29給缺席的人唱首歌 Jay Fung89,981
cover30反對無效 MC 張天賦88,400
cover31小心地滑 MC 張天賦84,394
cover32懷舊金曲之夜 Dear Jane81,780
cover33Got U 陳卓賢 Ian80,531
cover34Mr. Stranger Anson Lo 盧瀚霆80,346
cover35Die For You The Weeknd78,063
cover36小林不動產 Terence Lam76,125
cover37塵大師 Eason Chan75,777
cover38すずめ RADWIMPS75,092
cover391973的舞會 Byejack74,475
cover40在空中的這一秒 Terence Lam74,348
cover41Set Me Free Pt.2 Jimin74,194
cover42賽勒斯的愛 Hins Cheung71,035
cover43Shut Down BLACKPINK70,487
cover44飄流教室 Leo Ku70,480
cover45LOVERSE Edan 呂爵安70,062
cover46烏梅子醬 Ronghao Li68,993
cover47俏郎君 Hins Cheung64,502
cover48Pink Venom BLACKPINK63,887
cover49如果可以 - 電影"月老"主題曲 WeiBird63,832
cover50乖乖報到 MC 張天賦63,094
cover51Boy's a liar Pt. 2 PinkPantheress62,777
cover52你瞞我瞞 Jason Chan62,610
cover53Attention NewJeans61,824
cover54鯨落 陳卓賢 Ian61,349
cover55As It Was Harry Styles58,767
cover56及時行樂 Kaho Hung58,471
cover57Anti-Hero Taylor Swift58,049
cover58自我安慰 Leo Ku57,922
cover592nd Favourite 第二最愛 Leo Ku57,650
cover61Stay The Kid LAROI56,712
cover62囍帖街 Kay Tse56,286
cover63還原淚 Kaho Hung56,043
cover64一人之境 in C major Terence Lam56,025
cover65留下來的人 C AllStar55,139
cover66一表人才 Edan 呂爵安55,092
cover67*~Silencio...Shh Marf 邱彥筒54,467
cover68on the street j-hope54,252
cover69笑住喊 Gareth.T53,267
cover70Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth52,990
cover71孤獨病 Keung To52,680
cover72Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez52,311
cover73golden hour JVKE51,798
cover74Megahit Anson Lo 盧瀚霆51,566
cover75蒙著嘴說愛你 Keung To51,318
cover76盲婚啞嫁 Eason Chan50,223
cover77King Kong Anson Lo 盧瀚霆49,741
cover78想見你想見你想見你(電視劇"想見你"片尾曲) 83148,766
cover79污糟兒 Kaho Hung48,624
cover80 MC 張天賦48,351
cover81櫻花樹下 Hins Cheung48,267
cover82思覺失調 Wilfred Lau48,221
cover83After LIKE IVE48,134
cover84小諧星 Edan 呂爵安47,844
cover85I Ain't Worried OneRepublic47,813
cover86愛是… 2.0 Sammi Cheng47,692
cover87The Astronaut JIN47,538
cover88First Love Hikaru Utada47,477
cover89Unholy Sam Smith46,624
cover90坐看雲起時 Jer 柳應廷46,522
cover91SET ME FREE TWICE46,503
cover92凡星 (天星銀行airstar音樂劇場主題曲) Panther Chan45,836
cover93某種老朋友 Terence Lam45,536
cover94Master Class Keung To45,207
cover95夜に駆ける YOASOBI45,097
cover96Nonsense Sabrina Carpenter44,905
cover97Creepin' Metro Boomin44,817
cover98必殺技 Leo Ku44,763
cover99時光機 Terence Siufay44,710
cover100VIBE TAEYANG44,505
cover101All Of The Girls You Loved Before Taylor Swift44,181
cover102晴天 Jay Chou44,156
cover103那些你很冒險的夢 JJ Lin43,850
cover104最愛是誰 My Dearest Leslie Cheung43,630
cover105記得 Terence Lam43,454
cover106Ghost Justin Bieber42,786
cover107第一個迷 Jeffrey 魏浚笙42,680
cover108勁浪漫 超溫馨 Gareth.T42,667
cover109Calm Down Rema42,455
cover110LOVE DIVE IVE42,298
cover111銀河修理員 Dear Jane42,165
cover112下一位前度 in Ab major Terence Lam41,541
cover113E先生 連環不幸事件 Edan 呂爵安41,368
cover114Here With Me d4vd41,079
cover115My Secret Park Kaho Hung40,955
cover116逆時車站 Kaho Hung40,401
cover117你,好不好? - TVBS連續劇【遺憾拼圖】片尾曲 Eric Chou39,944
cover118春秋 Hins Cheung39,632
cover119嘉宾 张远38,837
cover120遠在眼前 Jay Fung37,962
cover121群青 YOASOBI37,678
cover122隔離 - Studio Live Duet Jace Chan37,564
cover123擱淺 Jay Chou37,426
cover124修煉愛情 JJ Lin37,416
cover125富士山下 Eason Chan37,247
cover126Typa Girl BLACKPINK37,162
cover127Cookie NewJeans37,034
cover128I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta36,927
cover130捱麵包的人 吳林峰36,880
cover131Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi36,707
cover132LEFT RIGHT XG36,584
cover133主角光環 Kaho Hung36,241
cover134人類不宜飛行 Dear Jane36,016
cover135可惜沒如果 JJ Lin35,984
cover136大哥 Janice Vidal35,955
cover137從零開始的新世界 Jer 柳應廷35,779
cover138Frenemy MC 張天賦35,747
cover139先哭為敬 Joyce Cheng35,382
cover140歲月如歌 Eason Chan35,145
cover141命硬 Justin Lo35,021
cover142單車 Eason Chan34,948
cover143不可愛教主 Anson Lo 盧瀚霆34,625
cover144Promise Jimin34,462
cover145Die For You The Weeknd34,349
cover146說好不哭 Jay Chou34,219
cover147How You Like That BLACKPINK34,216
cover148祝福 YOASOBI33,955
cover149哪裡只得我共你 Dear Jane33,890
cover150飞鸟和蝉 Ren Ran33,798
cover151drunk text Henry Moodie33,660
cover152只是太愛你 Hins Cheung33,566
cover153Made You Look Meghan Trainor33,372
cover154Overkill MC 張天賦33,220
cover155無人不知的戰果 (ViuTV劇集: 季前賽主題曲) Keung To33,145
cover156Bones Imagine Dragons32,887
cover157 Leslie Cheung32,858
cover158Tally BLACKPINK32,721
cover159神奇的糊塗魔藥 Terence Lam32,612
cover160カナタハルカ RADWIMPS32,610
cover162今生今世(電影"金枝玉葉"歌曲) Leslie Cheung32,467
cover163The Bright Side COLLAR32,443
cover164Players Coi Leray32,095
cover165Perfect Ed Sheeran32,091
cover166遇見 Stefanie Sun31,922
cover167時光倒流一句話 Terence Lam31,909
cover168蝸牛 Anson Kong 江𤒹生31,904
cover169Hard to Love BLACKPINK31,656
cover170我所看見的未來 Joyce Cheng31,495
cover171Shivers Ed Sheeran31,481
cover172Blank Space Taylor Swift31,126
cover173天梯 C AllStar30,857
cover174Nxde (G)I-DLE30,815
cover175Memories Remix Maroon 530,790
cover176Lemon Kenshi Yonezu30,619
cover177我也難過的 吳林峰30,550
cover178KICK BACK Kenshi Yonezu30,453
cover179她說 JJ Lin30,416
cover180Hurt NewJeans30,350
cover181永不失聯的愛 Eric Chou30,347
cover182相愛很難 - 電影"男人四十"歌曲 Jacky Cheung30,059
cover183Lavender Haze Taylor Swift30,048
cover184到此為止 Shiga Lin29,877
cover185Sunroof Nicky Youre29,711
cover186心淡 Joey Yung29,483
cover187聽海浪。在未來相見 - Acoustic Version Byejack29,382
cover188Señorita Shawn Mendes29,322
cover189Into the Forest Serrini29,304
cover190怎麼了 Eric Chou29,300
cover191傾城(粵) Mavis Hee29,243
cover192NIGHT DANCER imase29,174
cover193有心人 Leslie Cheung29,148
cover194相信一切是最好的安排 Panther Chan29,105
cover195Escapism. RAYE28,895
cover196忘川 Sita Chan28,837
cover197一路向北 Jay Chou28,778
cover198小情歌 Sodagreen28,762
cover199告白氣球 Jay Chou28,541
cover200Snooze SZA28,442

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