Morocco Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Gueule tapée ElGrandeToto122,613
cover2Magic kouz194,484
cover3Calm Down Rema90,763
cover4JRO7I MA3IZ90,748
cover5Comforter ElGrandeToto90,311
cover6CHICHI Draganov87,625
cover7Under The Influence Chris Brown84,120
cover8KU LO SA - A COLORS SHOW Oxlade81,115
cover9Doja Central Cee70,192
cover10Makhelaw magalou Manal62,191
cover11Casablanca Demi Portion61,238
cover12Lovini Mons59,885
cover13DIE Gazo58,742
cover14Mood Makar57,971
cover15love nwantiti CKay56,828
cover16Ghir Ntiya Marwa Loud55,793
cover17Calm Down Rema52,051
cover18Salade Coco ElGrandeToto51,293
cover19Hickey Raste49,518
cover20Taline Draganov49,210
cover21MAAK Tagne48,973
cover22Ghazali DYSTINCT48,564
cover23Balader Soolking47,834
cover24La street Jul47,811
cover25Laisse Tomber Tagne46,934
cover26Ma Jolie LFERDA46,426
cover27Shut Down BLACKPINK45,834
cover28Nsiti Oussama45,448
cover29Lbaroud Draganov44,490
cover30KIFKIF - Remixed By Ali S Moro43,829
cover31Christmas Tree V43,062
cover32Moulaga Stormy41,985
cover33Sweet Night V41,922
cover34Paro Nej41,248
cover35Jro7i - Li Kanet Omri Rajaa Belmir41,208
cover36Haram (Pablo II) ElGrandeToto40,664
cover37De9at l9elb MA3IZ38,848
cover38Lberra7 Mehdi Mozayine37,338
cover39Suavemente Soolking37,178
cover40Mghayer ElGrandeToto36,949
cover41TOUT VA BIEN Alonzo36,360
cover42J'en ai marre ! kouz136,300
cover43FADE UP ZEG P35,717
cover44NO MERCY Vargas35,526
cover45As It Was Harry Styles34,687
cover46Pelele Morad34,588
cover47Omri DYSTINCT34,501
cover48Another Love Tom Odell34,499
cover49Numero Uno - V2 kouz133,780
cover50Pink Venom BLACKPINK33,241
cover51Sparadra L'morphine31,624
cover52Rosita Dollypran31,539
cover53Mazalni Djalil Palermo30,483
cover54BREDA Inkonnu30,162
cover557elmet Ado 5 ElGrandeToto29,652
cover56I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta29,573
cover57Tchin Tchin Stormy29,243
cover58Salina (c'est La Rue) ElGrandeToto28,684
cover59Sac Draganov28,405
cover60Stylo warqa RYM28,191
cover61Papillon L'morphine27,272
cover62Typa Girl BLACKPINK27,254
cover63Dawk Lya Snor26,851
cover64How high Moro26,744
cover65Trap Roumi V2 kouz126,730
cover66Sucré Salé L'morphine26,563
cover67Chill Inkonnu26,131
cover68Hallelujah 7liwa26,072
cover69J'ai tout su Jul25,923
cover70PAUSE Vargas25,532
cover71I Was Never There The Weeknd25,020
cover72Crushi Zouhair Bahaoui24,967
cover73Ya lbahri Soolking24,380
cover74Butter BTS23,434
cover75Anaconda Abdeelgha423,428
cover76Khalini Mocci23,162
cover77Starboy The Weeknd23,108
cover78KHABTA YEAH HUSS!23,102
cover79L'appel Dollypran23,012
cover80Hiya Hiya Eljoee22,770
cover81Allo - الو Balti22,705
cover82Call Out My Name The Weeknd22,378
cover83Intro: Singularity BTS21,793
cover84Gova Marouane21,730
cover85Tigini North African Remix Liamsi21,723
cover86Médaille d'or Stormy21,558
cover87No Wahala 1da Banton21,333
cover88I Ain't Worried OneRepublic21,140
cover89Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood20,918
cover90MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Elley Duhé20,905
cover91El Hala' Saad Lamjarred20,861
cover92Zahri Inkonnu20,814
cover93L Madd20,507
cover94Glimpse of Us Joji20,407
cover95Die For You The Weeknd20,384
cover96SNAP Rosa Linn20,284
cover97Fuck Off II Raid20,154
cover98La Bandera Hassa119,805
cover99The Happiest Girl BLACKPINK19,585
cover100Sigue Beny Jr19,543
cover101Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52 Bizarrap19,503
cover102Obscurité ElGrandeToto19,412
cover103Enty Hayaty Saad Lamjarred19,139
cover104Layli Stormy18,937
cover105Zawali Abdeelgha418,847
cover106Save Your Tears The Weeknd18,809
cover107Started from the bottom Dollypran18,802
cover108Sbaart Ou Tal Adabi Cheb Hasni18,756
cover109Ma colombe - Moroccan Remix Nej18,740
cover110Nadi Canadi Tagne18,488
cover111Habibi - Albanian Remix Ricky Rich18,396
cover1127ali Ya 7ali Inkonnu18,103
cover113Disco Maghreb DJ Snake17,924
cover114Heat Waves Glass Animals17,878
cover115ALOHA! ElGrandeToto17,842
cover116HKAYA Snor17,836
cover1173310 Madd17,802
cover118Cactus Raste17,745
cover119RIP, Love Faouzia17,658
cover120Houwa RYM17,586
cover121TRAP ROUMI V3 kouz117,356
cover122Hard to Love BLACKPINK17,285
cover123RS3 Vargas17,269
cover124CHINWI 7-Toun17,240
cover125Blinding Lights The Weeknd17,206
cover126Headlights Alok17,153
cover127Matkhafesh Yamma Ali Loka17,114
cover128Andale Aezaddy17,089
cover129Toi & moi Zaho17,078
cover130Marocchino Baby Gang17,059
cover131Emiliana CKay16,893
cover132Iori 4 Mons16,817
cover133D O D O Tayc16,688
cover134Huis Clos L'morphine16,541
cover135Last Last Burna Boy16,423
cover136Liyem Uzishettan16,252
cover137Jimmy Cooks Drake16,237
cover138Safe safe kouz116,236
cover139Min Awel Dekika Elissa16,183
cover140Drip Too Hard (Lil Baby & Gunna) Lil Baby15,960
cover141MARK Abduh15,948
cover142Yeah Yeah Yeah BLACKPINK15,901
cover143Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth15,836
cover144死ぬのがいいわ Fujii Kaze15,830
cover145Deux frères PNL15,723
cover146Tally BLACKPINK15,708
cover147Δ. Dieu ne ment jamais Damso15,695
cover148Lewjah Tani Saad Lamjarred15,647
cover149FAKE FRIENDS Vargas15,630
cover150Khalass Mocci15,248
cover151Ailleurs ElGrandeToto15,238
cover152Pablo ElGrandeToto15,210
cover153Nasa Snor15,148
cover154Chopin ElGrandeToto15,139
cover155Si tu savais Anys15,117
cover156Baqi Hatim Ammor14,954
cover157YA Lili Inkonnu14,914
cover158Adams, Raid L'morphine14,759
cover159After Dark Mr.Kitty14,758
cover160One Kiss Calvin Harris14,753
cover161Mizane Stormy14,633
cover162MILANO 7-Toun14,553
cover163Pas bête Beendo Z14,449
cover164Style Amro Piti Improvisation Smaug14,434
cover165Jefe Ninho14,432
cover166Maghandemch Shayfeen14,426
cover167DESPECHÁ ROSALÍA14,422
cover168Pepas Farruko14,358
cover169PROVENZA KAROL G14,312
cover170Deghri Deghri Mouh Milano14,304
cover171Price Smallx14,257
cover172La Rue Maestro14,148
cover173I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys14,122
cover174Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush14,087
cover175PETETE Gambi13,993
cover176Oran Marseille Eljoee13,917
cover177Santa Fe ElGrandeToto13,903
cover178Eurovision Central Cee13,889
cover179+98 Drizzy13,840
cover180L'baida mon amour 7ari13,804
cover181Fratello Tagne13,754
cover182Stay The Kid LAROI13,740
cover183Money Call Naar13,660
cover184BEAU-COUP Draganov13,593
cover185Sfina Mons13,534
cover186RAPPEL Gazo13,524
cover1877elmetado 2 ElGrandeToto13,452
cover188VVS Ninho13,444
cover189Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex13,374
cover190KNZ Inkonnu13,373
cover191Bad Habit Steve Lacy13,350
cover192Bande organisée 13 Organisé13,337
cover193Kteltini Dj Souhil13,292
cover194Super Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj13,279
cover195Balek Mouh Milano13,225
cover196Babour Tawsen13,183
cover197Cha3ra Wendir Avc Amine Matlo13,148
cover198Flashback Vargas13,127
cover199Kasseta Snor13,111
cover200Ferrari James Hype13,102

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