Morocco Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Salade Coco ElGrandeToto119,155
cover2Chill Inkonnu88,341
cover3Lbaroud Draganov, Inkonnu81,068
cover4love nwantiti (feat. ElGrande Toto) - North African Remix CKay, ElGrandeToto80,685
cover5TRAP ROUMI V3 kouz163,914
cover6Haram (Pablo II) ElGrandeToto61,649
cover7Sacrifice The Weeknd61,082
cover8Nadi Canadi Tagne59,298
cover9J'en ai marre ! kouz1, Tagne57,180
cover10Sac Draganov56,854
cover11Mghayer ElGrandeToto54,194
cover12Is There Someone Else? The Weeknd49,109
cover13HKAYA Snor48,427
cover14MILANO 7-Toun47,576
cover15How Do I Make You Love Me? The Weeknd46,180
cover16La rwina kouz145,931
cover17Emiliana CKay45,628
cover18Khalass Mocci45,412
cover19Safe safe kouz145,317
cover20Less Than Zero The Weeknd45,177
cover21Gasoline The Weeknd45,093
cover22Marfoud 7liwa44,020
cover23Out of Time The Weeknd43,528
cover24Stylo warqa RYM42,865
cover25Butter BTS42,520
cover26Ayay Klass-A, kouz141,181
cover27Enty Hayaty Saad Lamjarred, Calema41,106
cover28كيفاش نخليك Mohamed Rifai, Hind Sdassi40,764
cover29Tchin Tchin Stormy, Tagne, ElGrandeToto40,740
cover307ali Ya 7ali Inkonnu40,681
cover31Take My Breath The Weeknd39,545
cover32RS3 Vargas39,195
cover33Sucré Salé L'morphine38,661
cover34Jefe Ninho38,225
cover35Deghri Deghri Mouh Milano38,157
cover36Enemy (with JID) - from the series Arcane League of Legends Imagine Dragons37,928
cover37Sfina Mons37,646
cover38Best Friends The Weeknd36,839
cover39Ya Hmed Mehdi Mozayine, Madara36,631
cover40Iori 4 Mons36,103
cover41Dawn FM The Weeknd35,065
cover42Here We Go… Again (feat. Tyler, the Creator) The Weeknd34,063
cover43Trap Roumi V2 kouz133,826
cover44Starry Eyes The Weeknd33,673
cover45Zahri Inkonnu33,653
cover46INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow) Lil Nas X33,112
cover47Moral Inkonnu, Nouvo33,045
cover48Permission to Dance BTS32,411
cover49I Heard You’re Married (feat. Lil Wayne) The Weeknd31,998
cover50Laar Ya Laar D33pSoul, CHAAMA30,167
cover51Ma Nabni NORDO, Tagne, Stormy29,840
cover52abcdefu GAYLE29,273
cover53Lili Plylist28,506
cover54Ya Hasra Balti28,250
cover55Heat Waves Glass Animals28,097
cover56Obscurité (feat. Hamza) ElGrandeToto27,669
cover57KNZ Inkonnu27,367
cover58A Tale By Quincy The Weeknd27,327
cover59STAY (with Justin Bieber) The Kid LAROI27,205
cover60Don’t Break My Heart The Weeknd27,099
cover61ALOHA! ElGrandeToto26,681
cover62Sabra Balqees25,877
cover63Woman Doja Cat25,822
cover64Tt Va Bien Draganov25,416
cover65VVS Ninho24,946
cover66Every Angel is Terrifying The Weeknd24,875
cover67Easy On Me Adele24,694
cover68DNT Nouvo, ElGrandeToto, Draganov24,602
cover69Omri Ana Stormy, Tagne24,549
cover70Gaw El Banat Mohamed Ramadan, RedOne, Nouamane Belaiachi24,388
cover71Layli Stormy, Tagne, Snor24,327
cover72Cartable Mons24,279
cover73MCHRDOUL Pause, Soukaina fahsi24,274
cover74Médaille d'or Stormy, Tagne, Smallx23,995
cover75Fratello Tagne, Stormy, Khtek23,915
cover76L’enfer Stromae23,626
cover77Arabi Inkonnu23,455
cover78Ailleurs (feat. Lefa) ElGrandeToto23,428
cover79Pepas Farruko23,358
cover80Jwabi Didine Canon 16, Djalil Palermo, Fouzi Torino22,830
cover81Panamera Liamsi, kouz122,244
cover82Hobak Enta Zouhair Bahaoui, Carmen Soliman21,898
cover83YA Lili Inkonnu21,470
cover84Lewjah Tani Saad Lamjarred, Zouhair Bahaoui21,445
cover859ortass Mocci21,442
cover86Ena Balti21,376
cover87Nari Zouhair Bahaoui21,233
cover88L'baida mon amour 7ari21,160
cover89Mizane Stormy, Inkonnu21,116
cover90Phantom Regret by Jim The Weeknd21,065
cover91Mon poto Benab20,934
cover92Vamos kouz120,874
cover93Infinity Jaymes Young20,702
cover94Machafouhach Mouh Milano20,433
cover95Silicone Draganov, Tagne20,392
cover96Ma colombe - Moroccan Remix Nej, Tagne19,984
cover97Kobe Anys, Dizzy DROS19,902
cover98Dark Tunnel Raste19,888
cover99Blinding Lights The Weeknd19,874
cover100Mtayf Draganov19,802
cover101a7lam OUENZA19,771
cover1021000 Fois Raste19,764
cover103KIKI Tagne, Draganov19,733
cover104Cold Heart - PNAU Remix Elton John, Dua Lipa19,643
cover105Moth To A Flame (with The Weeknd) Swedish House Mafia19,617
cover106Malna haka ? Mehdi Mozayine19,572
cover107Maalish Smallx19,466
cover108Ouh Ouh Inkonnu, Smallx19,456
cover109Ok ok Tagne19,297
cover110TO THE MOON Jnr Choi19,173
cover111Thezz (feat. Smallx) ElGrandeToto19,122
cover112Tango ElGrandeToto19,057
cover113Etranger (feat. Damso) ElGrandeToto19,054
cover114Santa Fe ElGrandeToto19,052
cover115Do It To It ACRAZE, Cherish18,778
cover116Fixette - Bonus Ziak18,660
cover117love nwantiti (ah ah ah) CKay18,584
cover118Nota Dizzy DROS18,563
cover119Ah Bon Raste, Furelise18,423
cover120Ya Lalali Roffo18,400
cover121Nasa Snor, Tagne, Stormy18,133
cover122La Rue Maestro, ElGrandeToto18,082
cover123MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) Lil Nas X17,994
cover124Sonia Mok Saib17,799
cover125BEAU-COUP Draganov17,681
cover126Skati Muslim17,665
cover127Kssiriri Draganov17,609
cover128Flashback Vargas17,236
cover1293arbouch NORDO17,224
cover130MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Elley Duhé17,085
cover131N Madd16,937
cover132Napoli Dollypran, ElGrandeToto16,934
cover133Mgwani Inkonnu, Asmae16,831
cover134Toxic BoyWithUke16,733
cover135Ya Zina Imad Maestro16,580
cover136Makayn Tahed Shobee16,391
cover137Babour Tawsen16,379
cover138B&M Smallx16,316
cover139Where Are You Now Lost Frequencies, Calum Scott16,204
cover140Bladi Marwa Loud, Mister You, Maestro16,202
cover141Megalomania Pause16,037
cover142SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY Remix (feat. Kali Uchis and Moliy) Amaarae15,913
cover143Save Your Tears The Weeknd15,866
cover144Nounou Draganov, Stormy15,756
cover145Ça dépend Flenn, Syc15,623
cover146Sekra Nessyou, Xcep15,622
cover147Bent Nass ElGrandeToto15,387
cover148Shivers Ed Sheeran15,309
cover149#OuDiriHakka ElGrandeToto15,201
cover150Youm Wara Youm Stormy, Tagne15,049
cover151FLOUKA Tagne, Snor15,007
cover152MONEY LISA14,974
cover153Capable Draganov14,816
cover154Come Va (feat. ElGrandeToto) Baby Gang14,722
cover1553ala Toul Inkonnu, Hindi Zahra14,556
cover156واش عقلتي Cravata14,456
cover157VitamineDZ ElGrandeToto14,386
cover158Need to Know Doja Cat14,168
cover1594 chiffres Flenn14,139
cover160Bye Raste14,080
cover161Sbaart Ou Tal Adabi Cheb Hasni13,957
cover162Kamehameha Dada13,932
cover163Bad Habits Ed Sheeran13,922
cover164Vérité Ninho13,890
cover165Ya Denya NORDO13,630
cover166Black Swan BTS13,619
cover167Mikasa ElGrandeToto13,515
cover168Unstoppable Sia13,400
cover169Beggin' Måneskin13,331
cover170Lights Snor13,328
cover171Fair Trade (with Travis Scott) Drake13,288
cover172A la vie a la mort Ily13,270
cover173Lala Mama Eljoee, CHAAMA13,266
cover174Lalala Snor13,210
cover175Massari kouz1, Abduh13,180
cover176Lmeryoula Don Bigg, Ihab Amir13,178
cover177De9a De9a Snor13,128
cover178Kouni Liya Chaos33313,127
cover179Wassup Moro13,069
cover180Sebri Tal Raste13,015
cover181Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood12,993
cover182lacoste 21 Tach, Vargas12,942
cover183Pay No Mind Madd, Qaayel12,934
cover184Africain Stormy12,916
cover185TKT kouz112,890
cover186Take Me to the Moon kouz112,874
cover1877elmetado 2 ElGrandeToto12,791
cover188Diamond L'morphine, Hamza15-312,791
cover189One Right Now (with The Weeknd) Post Malone12,721
cover190WAH (feat. 3robi) ElGrandeToto12,686
cover191The Motto Tiësto, Ava Max12,672
cover192Lela Soolking, Rim'K12,649
cover193Unstable V2 Diib12,627
cover194Ouroboros Pause12,582
cover195CHITANA Rubio12,578
cover196Si tu savais Anys, Stormy12,551
cover197Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) Doja Cat12,550
cover198Hors Série - RapRapRapRap ElGrandeToto, Draganov, Don Bigg, Khtek12,433
cover199D'accord Abdeelgha4, Ily12,371
cover200Dowara Lbenj12,348

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