Morocco Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1M3a L3echrane Dizzy DROS256,289
cover2WILI Draganov234,142
cover3POWER - A COLORS SHOW Shobee193,485
cover4Qui sait ? Niro189,686
cover5Love kouz1142,703
cover6Talet Lghiba Mocci138,218
cover7Dawk Lya Snor111,596
cover8Taline Draganov91,388
cover9Love Scars Saint Bandz90,952
cover10Ghazali DYSTINCT90,913
cover11Lovini Mons84,276
cover12Vvs 7ari82,364
cover13Gueule tapée ElGrandeToto82,025
cover14Magic kouz181,089
cover15Silhouette ElGrandeToto79,333
cover16Comforter ElGrandeToto76,267
cover17Jini Oualid66,504
cover18Lbaroud Draganov66,405
cover19بالهدى Ta Ha65,143
cover20CHICHI Draganov65,129
cover21Hinata TIF63,506
cover22Ajini Mounim Slimani61,047
cover23People Libianca57,349
cover24Sucré Salé L'morphine57,101
cover25BREDA Inkonnu56,625
cover26L'Étranger Don Bigg56,035
cover27Galbi Khasah Molah Cheba Warda55,275
cover2800:00 Lartiste53,666
cover29Alo Aleky Mohammed Saeed52,529
cover30Rush Ayra Starr51,658
cover31JRO7I MA3IZ50,768
cover32FORSSA Draganov50,223
cover33Lyam PAUSE50,176
cover34Mentalité Baby Gang49,566
cover35SHADOW BOXING TIF49,514
cover36Kima Bakri 7ari48,015
cover37Boy's a liar Pt. 2 PinkPantheress47,408
cover38Set Me Free Pt.2 Jimin47,211
cover39Creepin' Metro Boomin46,306
cover40SME3NI Bo9al44,433
cover41De9at l9elb MA3IZ44,109
cover42Rosita Dollypran43,728
cover43Papillon L'morphine43,559
cover44love nwantiti CKay42,958
cover45Calm Down Rema42,948
cover46Flowers Miley Cyrus42,432
cover47La street Jul41,784
cover48Makhelaw magalou Manal41,622
cover49Sparadra L'morphine41,130
cover50Iori 5 Mons41,078
cover51Haram (Pablo II) ElGrandeToto40,278
cover52WAYLE Mounim Slimani39,676
cover53Dynamite BTS38,863
cover54Christmas Tree V38,559
cover55COEUR DE ICE Zola37,565
cover56Sweet Night V37,462
cover57Mockingbird Eminem37,048
cover58Roi 2 cœur Zaho36,830
cover59N13 Dollypran36,766
cover60Kill Bill SZA36,725
cover61Trap Roumi V2 kouz136,624
cover62MAAK Tagne35,111
cover63Mghayer ElGrandeToto34,803
cover647elmet ado 6 ElGrandeToto34,006
cover65KU LO SA - A COLORS SHOW Oxlade32,753
cover66Trance Metro Boomin32,515
cover67Tikitaka Draganov32,132
cover68Starboy The Weeknd32,012
cover69Si tu savais Anys31,599
cover70Ghir Ntiya Marwa Loud31,455
cover71Nadi Canadi Tagne31,349
cover72Alatif Dollypran31,086
cover73Die For You The Weeknd30,813
cover74Nsiti Oussama30,733
cover75J'en ai marre ! kouz130,488
cover76Sac Draganov30,474
cover77ELGHIRA Mc Artisan30,379
cover78Another Love Tom Odell29,984
cover799SARA D LIL MA3IZ29,984
cover80Arahmini Don Bigg29,707
cover81Zahri Inkonnu29,581
cover82Casablanca Demi Portion29,553
cover83Outro Dizzy DROS29,269
cover84Salade Coco ElGrandeToto29,106
cover85Maghrebins Mister You28,037
cover86Balader Soolking27,920
cover87Sur la selle Jul27,829
cover88DRAILL MA3IZ27,607
cover89Escapism. RAYE27,533
cover90on the street j-hope26,594
cover91Die For You The Weeknd26,498
cover92Dexter Madd26,184
cover93Sigue Beny Jr26,134
cover94Mouja Tagne26,118
cover95Nota Dizzy DROS25,964
cover96Under The Influence Chris Brown25,893
cover97Kssiriri Draganov25,835
cover98Casablanca Baby Gang25,768
cover99Tt Va Bien Draganov25,631
cover100Calm Down Rema25,089
cover101My Universe Coldplay25,016
cover102Sociopath Pause24,912
cover103Chopin ElGrandeToto24,875
cover104As It Was Harry Styles24,733
cover105Allo - الو Balti24,665
cover106Jolie GAULOIS24,544
cover107INARA SCOOL BOY24,420
cover108Money Call Naar24,208
cover109I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta24,172
cover110Overdoze 7ari24,116
cover111Maria 7ari23,965
cover112El barrio 7ari23,936
cover113Dreamers [Music from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack] Jung Kook23,858
cover114Paro Nej23,728
cover115trap roumi v4 kouz123,599
cover116HKAYA Snor23,515
cover117DIE Gazo23,295
cover118B&M Smallx22,968
cover1193310 Madd22,831
cover120Nocif Hamza22,751
cover121Smoke Sprite So!YoON!22,748
cover122Ya lbahri Soolking22,713
cover123Pelele Morad22,690
cover124FAKE LOVE BTS22,373
cover125Reminder The Weeknd22,175
cover126L Madd22,150
cover127Wayli kouz122,116
cover128Fetty Wap Maes22,008
cover129Unholy Sam Smith21,974
cover130Too Many Nights Metro Boomin21,864
cover131AMBER Zola21,652
cover132Tchin Tchin Stormy21,616
cover133Marocchino Baby Gang21,595
cover134Sbaart Ou Tal Adabi Cheb Hasni21,542
cover135Soweto Victony21,504
cover136Lalla ou mali Don Bigg21,483
cover137KIFKIF - Remixed by Ali S Moro21,318
cover138Sur Pp Anas21,239
cover139Watch This - ARIZONATEARS Pluggnb Remix Lil Uzi Vert21,189
cover140Chill Inkonnu21,115
cover141Balek Mouh Milano21,076
cover142Hickey Raste21,043
cover143Khalini Mocci20,994
cover144Promise Jimin20,925
cover1457ali Ya 7ali Inkonnu20,805
cover146Nishan Smallx20,770
cover147Ya Hasra Balti20,761
cover148Mizane Stormy20,752
cover149Tmeniti L7ob Mocci20,605
cover150Set Fire to the Rain Adele20,589
cover151Europa Jul20,567
cover152Huis Clos L'morphine20,486
cover153Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth20,288
cover154Galactic Maes20,261
cover155golden hour JVKE20,163
cover156MORE j-hope20,088
cover157KIKI Tagne19,965
cover158Ya Lalali Roffo19,790
cover159Nostalgia III PAUSE19,780
cover160I Was Never There The Weeknd19,775
cover161Nebghiha Fort Bilel Tacchini19,693
cover162I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys19,523
cover163ORCA Pause19,397
cover164Ghi T9al (Et2al) Don Bigg19,354
cover1659ortass Mocci19,300
cover166Blinding Lights The Weeknd19,225
cover167Kobe Anys19,111
cover168Doja Central Cee18,979
cover169Ana kouz118,848
cover170Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52 Bizarrap18,789
cover171Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 Bizarrap18,654
cover172Khalass Mocci18,651
cover173YA Lili Inkonnu18,222
cover174Just Wanna Rock Lil Uzi Vert18,112
cover175Maliach Abdeelgha418,101
cover176Criminel Maes18,089
cover177Christmas Tree - Inst. V18,083
cover178Heeya Hatim Ammor18,058
cover179KOSSORI Lbenj17,995
cover180MCHRDOUL Pause17,994
cover181Ouroboros Pause17,982
cover182Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez17,960
cover183Rich Flex Drake17,905
cover184S12 TIF17,817
cover185Codéine 19 Hamza17,815
cover186Salina (c'est La Rue) ElGrandeToto17,739
cover187Players Coi Leray17,715
cover188AMNESIA TIF17,663
cover189Sid Lghram Assala Nasri17,445
cover190Intro: Singularity BTS17,412
cover191Unequal Diib17,363
cover192Superhero (Heroes & Villains) [with Future & Chris Brown] Metro Boomin17,344
cover193Ma Réalité Hamza17,318
cover194Mazalni Djalil Palermo17,292
cover195عُمر المُختار Abduh17,285
cover196Ah Bon Raste17,273
cover197Sfina Mons17,221
cover198J’comprends pas PNL17,093
cover199Call Out My Name The Weeknd17,054
cover200Badi 7efyan Stormy17,036

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