Morocco Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1HWASI Lbenj350,577
cover2POPO Stormy252,750
cover3BLUE LOVE ElGrandeToto237,683
cover4Carrousel Saad Lamjarred234,256
cover5Corazon ElGrandeToto201,268
cover6Dawk Lya Snor199,794
cover7MARADONA Stormy195,630
cover8San Siro LFERDA185,005
cover9Gata Only FloyyMenor163,184
cover103DABI Draganov146,469
cover11RAZONES ElGrandeToto143,511
cover12DELLALI ElGrandeToto142,913
cover13Not Like Us Kendrick Lamar136,144
cover14Zagalo LFERDA128,159
cover15SEYA GIMS124,262
cover16MAGHRIBI ElGrandeToto117,710
cover17NIKEY Stormy114,653
cover18Mimti Duke112,123
cover19Oh qu'elle est belle Jul109,698
cover20Bomba Internationale Moha K107,596
cover21Halloween v3 LFERDA106,475
cover22Casa - Arabic Version Ouidad106,394
cover23شوفو لامور مادار فيا Bilel Tacchini103,111
cover24BGHAWNI ElGrandeToto102,688
cover25Lewandoski LFERDA102,145
cover26Still Alive Raste100,353
cover27euphoria Kendrick Lamar93,554
cover28Abala Ya Bali - Remix Ayoub Anbaoui91,409
cover29Hyati Duke91,135
cover30Stafit LFERDA86,407
cover31Si tu savais Anys86,311
cover32Fatou Liyam Cheb Hichem TGV86,081
cover33Nothing Personal - A COLORS SHOW TIF83,474
cover34Qui sait ? Niro81,111
cover35Ghanili Kawtar80,447
cover363ADI JIDAN Dada78,566
cover37Wsalni MSG Hassa178,340
cover38Like That Future77,871
cover39Tomber LFERDA77,721
cover40Laloli LFERDA76,823
cover41Zarzour Lartiste76,328
cover42GALBI Ali S75,877
cover43Choc LFERDA75,750
cover44Love Me Again V75,404
cover45Camera Wowow LFERDA72,461
cover46Treg Lycee LFERDA71,403
cover47Allo Oui Cheb Hichem TGV71,319
cover48SPIDER GIMS71,266
cover4923 RYM70,440
cover50FRI(END)S V70,432
cover51Rouhi Zouhair Bahaoui69,616
cover52MILLION DOLLAR BABY Tommy Richman68,483
cover53Kif Kif Lbenj62,704
cover54YA RAYEH Demi Portion62,513
cover55Interlude LFERDA62,401
cover56Money Cash LFERDA62,308
cover57Lovini Mons60,790
cover58Kharkiv LFERDA60,624
cover59Mowgli LFERDA59,615
cover60TRAP ROUMI V5 Kouz158,519
cover61Ojos Sin Ver Morad58,275
cover62Gorara LFERDA57,915
cover63Khssara Duke57,905
cover64MARJANA 7-Toun57,732
cover65Doremi LFERDA57,248
cover66Ma3lich Ya 9albi Cheb Adoula57,078
cover67Ma Jolie LFERDA55,369
cover68Rmadi Muslim54,819
cover69M3a L3echrane Dizzy DROS54,718
cover70AMIRA Stormy53,758
cover71Imagine Carbonne53,731
cover72Arahmini Don Bigg52,563
cover73FE!N Travis Scott52,537
cover74La DYSTINCT51,947
cover75ZIGZAG Bo9al51,150
cover76Abala Ya Bali Ayoub Anbaoui50,999
cover77SO HIGH Stormy50,646
cover78Mizane Stormy50,636
cover79Se Grita Morad50,580
cover80Badi 7efyan Stormy50,322
cover81Rehab Yo Asel49,799
cover82Y Dor Soolking49,762
cover83Chira cheba - Remix Cheb Mourad48,752
cover84Mghayer ElGrandeToto48,727
cover85Galbi Khasah Molah Cheba Warda48,556
cover86Jelaba Liamsi48,338
cover87Casanova Soolking48,218
cover88Hickey Raste48,094
cover89Wala (5, 7, 10) DYSTINCT48,056
cover90Tiki Taka Soolking47,307
cover91i like the way you kiss me Artemas46,687
cover92ELGHIRA Mc Artisan46,281
cover93Chouwafat Houssainy46,119
cover94SULTAN ElGrandeToto45,608
cover95Outro Dizzy DROS45,290
cover96VISA Flooky44,715
cover97Nfss Lhala Mons44,547
cover98Espresso Sabrina Carpenter44,426
cover99Family Matters Drake43,519
cover100MOON Stormy43,440
cover101LOCO GIMS43,065
cover102L'Étranger Don Bigg42,995
cover103WILI Draganov42,864
cover104FOUTINI Bo9al42,433
cover105Di Mochkila Oualid42,379
cover106Too Many Nights Metro Boomin42,135
cover107Halloween 2 LFERDA41,296
cover108love nwantiti CKay40,582
cover109SARCELLES ElGrandeToto40,490
cover110Like Crazy Jimin40,158
cover111If We Being Rëal Yeat40,062
cover112Sucré Salé L'morphine39,956
cover113Santa Fe ElGrandeToto38,709
cover114One Of The Girls The Weeknd38,477
cover115Makina 21 Tach38,145
cover116Ajini Mounim Slimani38,126
cover117meet the grahams Kendrick Lamar37,979
cover118Goodbye Moha K37,844
cover119Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.) V37,725
cover120Trap Roumi V2 Kouz137,383
cover1212030 LFERDA37,189
cover122La Trace Lbenj37,082
cover123Hallelujah 7liwa37,072
cover124Lbaroud Draganov37,024
cover125ACH KHBARKOM Moro36,705
cover126Normal Didine Canon 1636,618
cover12727 ElGrandeToto36,335
cover128ELVIS Stormy36,325
cover129BREDA Inkonnu36,156
cover130Talet Lghiba Mocci36,109
cover131HINATA TIF35,332
cover132DARBA 9ADIYA Moha K35,024
cover133Type Shit Future34,425
cover134SLAY! Eternxlkz34,119
cover136Salam DYSTINCT33,952
cover137Seven Jung Kook33,924
cover138Échec - Spotify Singles Inkonnu33,909
cover139Sacrifice Madd33,651
cover140Nari Aezaddy33,399
cover141L'appel Dollypran33,289
cover142Drouba Benzz33,043
cover143Unique Figoshin32,744
cover144Chakam Ya Taalam Cheba Warda32,541
cover145Lose Control Teddy Swims32,521
cover146Gueule tapée ElGrandeToto32,396
cover147RBI M3ANA Stormy32,381
cover148LILA SCOOL BOY32,105
cover149TP ElGrandeToto32,003
cover150Jini Oualid31,803
cover151La Tete OUENZA31,759
cover152KOSSORI Lbenj31,714
cover153Houwa RYM31,537
cover154Ya Nari Oualid31,448
cover15510 ans LFERDA31,394
cover156MAAK Tagne31,200
cover157Love Kouz131,104
cover158HIND'S HALL Macklemore31,093
cover159Sigue Beny Jr31,060
cover160Var LFERDA31,010
cover161Haram (Pablo II) ElGrandeToto30,907
cover1627ali Ya 7ali Inkonnu30,724
cover163Huis Clos L'morphine30,721
cover164MACHAKIL Hassa130,486
cover165Aachk El Memnou3 Cheb Akil30,317
cover166INARA SCOOL BOY30,296
cover167Beautiful Things Benson Boone30,214
cover168Zahri Inkonnu30,186
cover169Push Ups Drake30,114
cover170Stylo warqa RYM29,901
cover171Follow Zouhair Bahaoui29,892
cover172Otra Soolking29,833
cover173Lyam Pause29,821
cover174Jayeb Khbari RYM29,629
cover175Comforter ElGrandeToto29,629
cover176End of Beginning Djo29,381
cover177OMG Bo9al29,156
cover178Wa3ra Hassa129,106
cover179PARA MI ElGrandeToto29,075
cover180C'est Ta Dire Wahran 31 Tatakalam Cheba Warda28,945
cover181WOW ElGrandeToto28,803
cover182Everlasting Diib28,771
cover183Sokkar Tawsen28,749
cover184Tek Tek DYSTINCT28,640
cover185Taline Draganov28,420
cover186Starboy The Weeknd28,384
cover187Allo Moha K28,372
cover188L Madd28,272
cover189Jamais yensak Lyna Mahyem28,228
cover190Trance Metro Boomin28,170
cover191Come back to me RM28,107
cover192Obscurité ElGrandeToto28,068
cover193One Dance Drake27,991
cover194ماما Inkonnu27,862
cover195RALLY DAKAR Stormy27,672
cover196Mriyech Mehdi Fadili27,631
cover197Allo Omri Didou Parisien27,451
cover198Sprinter Dave27,403
cover199Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood27,364
cover200Africain Stormy27,325

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