Egypt Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Amira Wegz160,456
cover2البخت Wegz131,924
cover3حدوته المانى Marwan Moussa109,734
cover4Eish'ha B Afia (Khatir) Hassan El Shafei97,437
cover5بطل عالم Marwan Moussa95,332
cover6EL HALAL Marwan Pablo92,986
cover7Stop - Magnolia Husayn88,961
cover8Brazil Afroto87,487
cover9عره فافي عامل مغامر - بت انتي حب حياتي Essam Sasa82,246
cover10Aloomek Marwan Moussa76,562
cover11Wasa3 Wasa3 Ahmed Saad73,013
cover12Calm Down Rema71,518
cover13Dawly El Waili67,730
cover14Under The Influence Chris Brown67,663
cover15Etnaset Muslim - مُسلِم67,106
cover16Khamsa Wingii66,362
cover17بعودة يا بلادى Wegz64,184
cover18El Youm El Helw Dah Ahmed Saad62,883
cover19BARBARY Marwan Pablo61,379
cover20خطوة اجباري نور النبوي58,547
cover21لِلّي Mohamed Mounir58,239
cover22وسط دموع وجراح Essam Saasa57,991
cover23السر Muhab56,902
cover24LOGAN FL EX55,141
cover25Brrr Brrr Brrr Abo El Anwar54,528
cover26Another Love Tom Odell52,352
cover27Mesh Nadman Muslim - مُسلِم51,778
cover28Shut Down BLACKPINK51,118
cover29ANA DEAL Afroto51,097
cover30البوصلة ضاعت Marwan Moussa50,457
cover31RACORE Marwan Pablo50,371
cover32Ta3ala Adalla3ak Bahaa Sultan50,342
cover33جوب Muslim48,225
cover34Aleky Eyoun Ahmed Saad46,608
cover35Min Awel Dekika Elissa45,909
cover36سكرتي Wegz45,603
cover37El Melouk - الملوك Ahmed Saad44,224
cover38ستو أنا Akram Hosny43,818
cover39Betadeen Lege-Cy43,273
cover40Ya Salam - Remix El Waili43,091
cover41Adrenaline Mohamed Hamaki42,470
cover42انا نجم - من مسلسل ريفو ريفو شو41,931
cover43Pink Venom BLACKPINK41,869
cover44Keify Keda Wegz40,797
cover45اغنية اقوى ميكس من وي Telecom Egypt39,463
cover46As It Was Harry Styles39,070
cover47عفاريت الأسفلت Wegz38,615
cover48عرفة Lege-Cy38,139
cover49Dom Dom Mahmoud El Esseily37,549
cover50Call Out My Name The Weeknd35,620
cover51SIRI Shahyn35,024
cover52كان نفسي Wegz34,645
cover53Samurai Cairokee34,548
cover54Ana Ghaltan Bahaa Sultan34,365
cover55MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Elley Duhé34,260
cover56FAR2 KHEBRA Afroto34,135
cover57Matkhafesh Yamma Ali Loka33,700
cover58I Was Never There The Weeknd33,262
cover59Typa Girl BLACKPINK32,784
cover60Konty 2olely Mohammed Saeed32,540
cover61SAN STEFANO Afroto32,298
cover62James Dean Cairokee31,903
cover63El 3asal Donia Wael31,818
cover64Meen Kan Sabab Muslim - مُسلِم31,768
cover65Mabahrbsh Muslim - مُسلِم31,718
cover66Tesla Marwan Moussa31,546
cover67Denamet Molotof31,252
cover68Abl Mawsalek Muslim - مُسلِم30,757
cover69تليفونى للسؤال حمو الطيخا30,348
cover70Bones Imagine Dragons30,227
cover71Shokran Assala Nasri29,939
cover72Glimpse of Us Joji29,582
cover73Die For You The Weeknd29,577
cover74Free Marwan Pablo29,028
cover75Save Your Tears The Weeknd28,758
cover76Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood28,317
cover77Tegy Ntrahn Tamer Ashour28,069
cover78شياطين FL EX27,903
cover79ديدي Muhab27,682
cover80Malek El Fabraka Abu27,505
cover81Habitha Ya Nas Tamer Hosny27,111
cover82Sindbad Marwan Pablo26,955
cover83Starboy The Weeknd26,685
cover84كدا كدا Wegz26,591
cover85Benna Maad Yonyo26,364
cover86Romantic Homicide d4vd26,102
cover87Sayrena Ya Donia Ahmed Saad26,090
cover88أسياد الصوت Wegz25,788
cover89غاغة FL EX25,529
cover90مفيش مانع Lege-Cy25,506
cover91Enty Genan Ramy Sabry25,126
cover92إتنين بليل Lege-Cy25,029
cover93Tege Goal Afroto25,013
cover94CTRL Marwan Pablo24,945
cover95Heat Waves Glass Animals24,826
cover96في يوم فراقك Essam Saasa24,802
cover97lovely Billie Eilish24,651
cover98everything i wanted Billie Eilish24,428
cover99دورك جي Wegz24,210
cover100احنا اللي مننا التراب بجد اشتكي Essam Sasa24,170
cover101Baba Abo El Anwar23,517
cover102SNAP Rosa Linn23,449
cover103Living Life, In The Night Cheriimoya23,412
cover104Hadalaany Tamer Hosny23,346
cover105Enemy Imagine Dragons23,313
cover106واحد وعشرين Wegz23,093
cover107عطشان وبستنى تغيير | بيبسى Dar El-Salam23,070
cover108ريموت التلفيزيون - امسكو وانا هعمل اعمى احمد الدوجري22,981
cover109Ghaba Marwan Pablo22,938
cover110صاحبي من غبائه Mody Amin22,913
cover111HARAZEEK Afroto22,776
cover112El 3bd W El Waili El Waili22,750
cover113After Dark Mr.Kitty22,706
cover114Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex22,682
cover115مش شايفك Moscow22,657
cover116Tamally Maak Amr Diab22,576
cover117I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta22,334
cover118اللقطة Wegz22,331
cover119Ahkelak Ali Loka22,201
cover120YA7 Abyusif22,163
cover121Blinding Lights The Weeknd22,043
cover122CA7BY Marwan Moussa21,962
cover123Enta Ekhtyar Tamer Hosny21,959
cover124Namet Nenna Ruby21,921
cover125طلقاتى راشقه حمو الطيخا21,651
cover126شيراتون Marwan Moussa21,544
cover127Mraite Moustafa Max21,475
cover128I Ain't Worried OneRepublic21,398
cover129Maged El Masry Abyusif21,357
cover130KATAFAST FL EX21,320
cover131The Happiest Girl BLACKPINK21,094
cover132Kan Lak Ma'aya (Feat. Umm Kulthum) Cairokee21,029
cover133Met3'er Mohammed Saeed20,926
cover134Tag Abyusif20,818
cover135Elghazala Ray2a Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz20,712
cover136505 Arctic Monkeys20,465
cover137علي باب السيما - من مسلسل ريفو ريفو شو20,339
cover138I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys20,308
cover139El Gemeza Marwan Pablo20,063
cover140Khalina Zekra Wael Jassar19,761
cover141ساليني Wegz19,732
cover142Sogara Afroto19,686
cover143Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth19,636
cover144One Kiss Calvin Harris19,386
cover145Calm Down Rema19,367
cover146الفلوس - احنا جامدين اوي اوي اوي Ahmed Abdo19,250
cover1473la 3eny Ahmed Kamel19,099
cover148Ahla Wahda Disco Misr19,081
cover149Hard to Love BLACKPINK19,031
cover150انا اسف اعذريني Essam Saasa18,987
cover151عقباوي دمي حامي Hamada Abo El Soud18,897
cover152Deep Abyusif18,840
cover153BILLIE EILISH. Armani White18,823
cover154Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush18,711
cover155Ala Ba'ady Afroto18,694
cover156INDUSTRY BABY Lil Nas X18,671
cover157Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez18,648
cover158Doja Central Cee18,631
cover159Aktar Mn El Sekout Ahmed Kamel18,591
cover160Unstoppable Sia18,582
cover161Zee3 Wingii18,542
cover162ممنوع حد يقرب منك Essam Saasa18,484
cover163El 3aw Double Zuksh18,371
cover164خطر (ياللي سيرتي تعباك) Hoda Bondok18,043
cover165El Haraka de Ahmed Helmy18,009
cover166بطل 3enba17,940
cover167死ぬのがいいわ Fujii Kaze17,852
cover168عايز انام Shehab17,784
cover169Atlantis Seafret17,756
cover170La Malama (Bonus Track) Mohamed Hamaki17,721
cover171Noaata Beida Cairokee17,636
cover172Geb Felos Molotof17,365
cover173Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey17,317
cover174Kol Elly Fi Alby Muslim - مُسلِم17,220
cover175Mareed Afroto17,158
cover176AMTAR Mousv17,136
cover177عيد ميلاد Muslim17,030
cover178Forsa Double Zuksh16,978
cover179Scania ZerOne16,936
cover180Mamlaka Abyusif16,881
cover181Bad Habit Steve Lacy16,794
cover182KU LO SA - A COLORS SHOW Oxlade16,774
cover183Layali Taweela Bahaa Sultan16,767
cover184Tarsh 3enba16,760
cover185Khaleny Fe Hodnak Tamer Ashour16,735
cover186Wa7ed Wa7ed Abyusif16,712
cover187Mehtag L Wogodk Mohammed Saeed16,709
cover188Stay The Kid LAROI16,695
cover189Dalla3 Wetdalla3 Hussain Aljassmi16,695
cover190Msh Bel 7ozoz Afroto16,692
cover191Murder In My Mind Kordhell16,668
cover192Wahda Fada'ya Galaleo16,625
cover193مهرجان كده خلصت Shaima El Mghrby16,529
cover194Haneialik Muslim - مُسلِم16,501
cover195Law Mohammed Saeed16,476
cover196El QOWA Mousv16,465
cover197Bayen Habeit Amr Diab16,409
cover198STR3 DizzyTooSkinny16,396
cover1993abali Ghaliaa16,338
cover200Wenta Be3eed Tamer Hosny16,251

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