Taiwan Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1How Sweet NewJeans612,595
cover2Magnetic ILLIT543,070
cover3在加納共和國離婚 Firdhaus535,242
cover4Supernova aespa527,922
cover5離開的一路上 Bestards489,914
cover6Armageddon aespa454,851
cover7Love Me Again V394,390
cover9SPOT! ZICO375,774
cover10運轉人生 - 影集《華麗計程車行》插曲 邱軍356,157
cover11Seven Jung Kook341,956
cover12Espresso Sabrina Carpenter336,838
cover13Bubble Gum NewJeans335,965
cover14总会有人 (男版) 承桓323,405
cover15我会等 承桓319,714
cover16BIRDS OF A FEATHER Billie Eilish318,582
cover17Fortnight Taylor Swift311,117
cover18Never Let Go Jung Kook291,123
cover19字字句句 卢卢快闭嘴279,819
cover20不是因為天氣晴朗才愛你 Bestards277,915
cover21Fate (G)I-DLE265,241
cover22星期五晚上 Energy258,850
cover23FRI(END)S V256,944
cover24EASY LE SSERAFIM256,693
cover25Cruel Summer Taylor Swift244,176
cover26I Hate Myself Sometimes Patrick Brasca242,536
cover27都是weather你 JOYCE 就以斯242,451
cover28Drama aespa242,346
cover29HEYA IVE241,163
cover30这是你期盼的长大吗 ZQS237,834
cover31擱淺 Jay Chou237,186
cover32LUNCH Billie Eilish235,339
cover33是你. 政学Zed-X227,662
cover34必巡 (三立戲劇《含笑食堂》片尾曲/《嘉慶君遊臺灣》片頭曲) 曾瑋中218,616
cover35Smart LE SSERAFIM214,859
cover363am - Demo Ver. Patrick Brasca209,925
cover37有些 颜人中206,471
cover38如果可以 - 電影"月老"主題曲 WeiBird203,579
cover40Spring Snow 10CM198,569
cover41Like Crazy Jimin196,668
cover42we can't be friends (wait for your love) Ariana Grande192,339
cover43Perfect Night LE SSERAFIM189,993
cover44想太多 Nicky Lee189,016
cover45友谊长存 Firdhaus187,872
cover46Super Shy NewJeans187,138
cover47Beautiful Things Benson Boone181,503
cover48Without You 高爾宣 OSN168,240
cover49MILLION DOLLAR BABY Tommy Richman167,896
cover50总会有人 向思思163,883
cover52Stay The Kid LAROI161,902
cover53WOKE UP XG161,325
cover54當你 Cyndi Wang161,018
cover55Slow Dancing V160,454
cover56Set Me Free Pt.2 Jimin160,308
cover57从前说 小阿七160,288
cover58FREAK YUQI154,129
cover5924/7, 365 elijah woods150,200
cover60晴天 Jay Chou148,385
cover61Queencard (G)I-DLE147,324
cover62OMG NewJeans145,191
cover63Please Please Please Sabrina Carpenter144,538
cover64如果爱忘了 - Live 汪苏泷143,990
cover65Ditto NewJeans143,488
cover66我就想你 Bestards143,036
cover67慢冷 Fish Leong140,769
cover680321 space x140,361
cover69圍牆 Nicky Lee139,986
cover70不為誰而作的歌 JJ Lin139,664
cover71嚣张 en138,232
cover72毒藥 Xiao Bing Chih137,658
cover73青春要用幾行詩來寫 (電視劇《顏心記》推廣曲) Eric Chou137,637
cover74這麼多年 - 電影《我想和你在一起》插曲 陳華137,556
cover75無礙 Unchained 張哲瀚137,335
cover76To. X TAEYEON135,702
cover78Hype Boy NewJeans134,093
cover79小情歌 sodagreen132,801
cover80我不該哭 feat. 告五人 Power Station132,273
cover81毒药 周星星131,942
cover82想和你看五月的晚霞 陳華131,566
cover83greedy Tate McRae131,296
cover84Nobody - from Kaiju No. 8 OneRepublic128,477
cover85Super Lady (G)I-DLE128,051
cover86善良的我們 Tanya Chua127,890
cover87披星戴月的想你 告五人127,709
cover88雪 Distance Capper127,655
cover89飞鸟和蝉 Ren Ran127,083
cover90I AM IVE125,555
cover91愛不愛我 邱軍123,063
cover92Lose My Breath Stray Kids122,721
cover93 郑润泽122,294
cover94說好不哭 Jay Chou122,103
cover95真心話 李浩瑋 Howard Lee121,925
cover96Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers121,805
cover97一念之間 告五人121,164
cover98迷失幻境 IN-K121,141
cover99夏天 Nicky Lee120,272
cover100你被寫在我的歌裡 sodagreen119,439
cover101Deja Vu TOMORROW X TOGETHER119,231
cover102無垢 李浩瑋 Howard Lee118,496
cover103The Reasons of My Smiles BSS117,708
cover104Houdini Eminem117,577
cover105我喜歡你 芒果醬 Mango Jump117,465
cover106Midas Touch KISS OF LIFE116,051
cover107閣愛妳一擺 EggPlantEgg115,859
cover108都是浪漫害的 Mixer115,713
cover109Wife (G)I-DLE115,221
cover110Sudden Shower Eclipse114,928
cover1113D Jung Kook114,681
cover112清空 苏星婕114,557
cover113Slow It Down Benson Boone114,049
cover114后继者 Ren Ran113,259
cover115drunk text Henry Moodie113,025
cover116不值得不适合 承桓112,516
cover117怎麼了 Eric Chou111,850
cover118 Jay Chou111,816
cover119愛人錯過 告五人111,044
cover120Like I Do J.Tajor110,442
cover121plot twist TWS109,710
cover122七里香 Jay Chou109,436
cover123Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi108,693
cover124Standing Next to You Jung Kook108,691
cover125摯友 Eric Chou108,541
cover126Ghost Justin Bieber107,896
cover127你的答案 阿冗107,360
cover128對等關係 Ronghao Li106,989
cover129走不出的回忆 Ren Ran106,415
cover130WORK ATEEZ105,178
cover131孤勇者 - 《英雄聯盟:雙城之戰》動畫劇集中文主題曲 Eason Chan104,549
cover132好不容易 (《華燈初上》片尾曲) 告五人104,078
cover133On My Way《地獄里長》主題曲 Sophie Chen103,978
cover134遺憾 Abin Fang103,960
cover135光年之外 (電影 《Passengers》 中國區主題曲) G.E.M.103,553
cover136I Had Some Help (Feat. Morgan Wallen) Post Malone103,427
cover137Nonsense Sabrina Carpenter103,037
cover138小城夏天 LBI利比103,010
cover139Love You With All My Heart Crush102,460
cover140勇气 棉子102,007
cover141Girls Never Die tripleS101,782
cover142ETA NewJeans101,703
cover143double take Dhruv101,429
cover144摯友 A-Lin101,091
cover145静悄悄 大泫100,748
cover146喜歡你 斑恩Ben100,002
cover147Too Sweet Hozier99,958
cover148Letting Go Tanya Chua99,825
cover149オレンジ SPYAIR99,631
cover150Why You Gonna Lie 高爾宣 OSN99,604
cover151We Don't Talk Anymore Charlie Puth99,576
cover152愛我的時候 Eric Chou98,826
cover153アイドル YOASOBI98,782
cover154嘉宾 张远98,696
cover155希望你被这个世界爱着 吕口口97,979
cover156TOMBOY (G)I-DLE97,679
cover157你不會一輩子的愛上我 Tyson Yoshi97,302
cover158愛情你比我想的閣較偉大 (《當男人戀愛時》電影主題曲) EggPlantEgg97,281
cover159炙愛 - 女聲版 Vicky Chen96,560
cover160空空如也 Ren Ran96,539
cover161假裝沒變過 颜人中96,474
cover162Stargazing Myles Smith96,263
cover163行星 Bestards95,849
cover164紅色高跟鞋 Tanya Chua95,778
cover165沉溺(你让我的心不再结冰) 邹沛沛95,613
cover166I Don't Wanna Wait David Guetta95,096
cover167最後一次 高爾宣 OSN94,977
cover168Closer The Chainsmokers94,850
cover169無人知曉 Hebe Tien94,381
cover170我想要佔據你 告五人94,257
cover171無眠 sodagreen93,820
cover172年少有為 Ronghao Li93,389
cover173可能是风太大了吧 GooGoo93,339
cover174泡沫 G.E.M.93,233
cover175分合 Energy92,914
cover176珊瑚海 Jay Chou92,728
cover177无人之岛 Ren Ran91,907
cover178共身軀完全放予去 Sorry Youth91,751
cover179听说你 于冬然91,567
cover180遇見 Stefanie Sun91,012
cover181我反芻著你留下的寂寞 Bestards90,746
cover182Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars90,741
cover183One Of The Girls The Weeknd90,645
cover184Hero Charlie Puth90,596
cover185ONE SPARK TWICE90,528
cover186我期待的不是雪(Điều Anh Mong Đợi Không Phải Là Tuyết) 张妙格90,359
cover187You & Me JENNIE90,193
cover188I Believe Fan Yi Chen89,870
cover189終究還是因為愛 TRASH89,630
cover190哪里都是你 隊長89,386
cover191STUPID IN LOVE MAX89,256
cover192I Can Do It With a Broken Heart Taylor Swift89,171
cover193黎明前最暗時候 sodagreen88,983
cover194訣愛 (劇集《蒼蘭訣》片頭曲) 詹雯婷88,937
cover195幾分之幾 - 電影<花甲大人轉男孩>主題曲 Crowd Lu88,855
cover196Night Changes One Direction88,613
cover197Bling-Bang-Bang-Born Creepy Nuts88,070
cover198壞人 Abin Fang87,683
cover199New Jeans NewJeans87,229
cover200喜歡寂寞 sodagreen87,102

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