Taiwan Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Shut Down BLACKPINK459,147
cover2Pink Venom BLACKPINK440,361
cover3如果可以 - 電影"月老"主題曲 WeiBird275,074
cover4Talk that Talk TWICE236,818
cover5閣愛妳一擺 EggPlantEgg235,232
cover6After LIKE IVE230,511
cover7Hard to Love BLACKPINK228,375
cover8Typa Girl BLACKPINK213,950
cover9訣愛 (劇集《蒼蘭訣》片頭曲) 詹雯婷209,383
cover10好不容易 (《華燈初上》片尾曲) 告五人208,377
cover11The Happiest Girl BLACKPINK208,344
cover12孤勇者 - 《英雄聯盟:雙城之戰》動畫劇集中文主題曲 Eason Chan201,689
cover13愛情你比我想的閣較偉大 -《當男人戀愛時》電影主題曲 EggPlantEgg193,509
cover14飞鸟和蝉 Ren Ran191,915
cover15I Ain't Worried OneRepublic188,688
cover16Hype Boy NewJeans185,386
cover17Yeah Yeah Yeah BLACKPINK184,598
cover18嘉宾 张远177,405
cover19Tally BLACKPINK174,367
cover20Stay The Kid LAROI172,963
cover21Still Wandering Jay Chou168,087
cover22Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth167,829
cover23LOVE DIVE IVE165,857
cover24Ready For Love BLACKPINK163,762
cover25从前说 小阿七162,011
cover26最後一堂課 - 《媽,別鬧了!》影集片尾曲 Eric Chou159,500
cover27不是因為天氣晴朗才愛你 理想混蛋159,480
cover28新時代 Ado153,842
cover29Attention NewJeans153,722
cover30愛上你算我賤 NICKTHEREAL151,451
cover31小城夏天 LBI利比150,930
cover32I'm Alive W.M.L148,197
cover33Ghost Justin Bieber145,394
cover34披星戴月的想你 告五人144,666
cover35刻在我心底的名字 (Your Name Engraved Herein) - 電影<刻在你心底的名字>主題曲 Crowd Lu143,185
cover36我很好騙 Power Station142,183
cover37FOREVER 1 Girls' Generation140,984
cover38Greatest Works of Art Jay Chou140,697
cover39終究還是因為愛 TRASH140,338
cover40唯一 告五人138,628
cover41炙愛 - 女聲版 Vicky Chen135,699
cover42间距 en133,968
cover43就忘了吧 1K129,637
cover44你不屬於我 - 《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》影集版片尾曲 Eric Chou128,841
cover45想知道你在想什麼 - 《我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐》電影主題曲 Eric Chou128,697
cover46失重前幸褔 艾薇127,836
cover47慢冷 Fish Leong125,069
cover48Without You 高爾宣 OSN121,096
cover49習慣不習慣 理想混蛋 雞丁114,466
cover50逆光 Ado112,891
cover51As It Was Harry Styles112,575
cover52摯友 A-Lin111,185
cover53我做的是愛不是夢 NICKTHEREAL110,965
cover54I Really Want to Stay at Your House Rosa Walton110,796
cover55500天 Sophie Chen107,097
cover56沒有人想念沒離開的人 WeiBird106,831
cover57怎麼了 Eric Chou106,546
cover58Letting Go Tanya Chua105,028
cover59POP! NAYEON104,868
cover60TOMBOY (G)I-DLE104,843
cover61在這座城市遺失了你 告五人103,667
cover62Somebody Else 高爾宣 OSN101,601
cover63有些 颜人中101,426
cover64Shivers Ed Sheeran101,389
cover65I Don’t Think That I Like Her Charlie Puth100,399
cover67愛人錯過 告五人100,079
cover68与我无关 阿冗99,948
cover69壞人 Abin Fang99,944
cover70你不是第一個離開的人 G.E.M.96,604
cover71I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta96,139
cover72小情歌 Sodagreen94,237
cover73行走的魚 LaLa Hsu93,974
cover74當你 Cyndi Wang92,846
cover75Sunroof Nicky Youre91,426
cover76Won't Cry Jay Chou91,363
cover77Crush On 李浩瑋 Howard Lee90,659
cover78Glimpse of Us Joji90,317
cover79我睡不著 守夜人90,189
cover80I Like You (A Happier Song) Post Malone89,040
cover81勇气 棉子87,870
cover82再見煙火 卓義峯85,497
cover83毒藥 Xiao Bing Chih85,485
cover84今天陽光就是特別耀眼特別和諧 feat. 韋禮安 Pets Tseng84,943
cover85IT'S YOU MAX84,832
cover86讓浪漫作主 Tanya Chua84,751
cover87晴天 Jay Chou84,176
cover88讓世界暫停一分鐘 G.E.M.83,704
cover89SNEAKERS ITZY83,480
cover90浪流連 EggPlantEgg83,259
cover91想見你想見你想見你(電視劇"想見你"片尾曲) 83182,846
cover92Peaches Justin Bieber82,843
cover93Drowning 高爾宣 OSN81,331
cover94FIND YOU G.E.M.81,102
cover95Bad Habits Ed Sheeran80,414
cover96Baby U Decide 高爾宣 OSN79,980
cover97哪里都是你 队长79,522
cover98Bad Decisions benny blanco78,822
cover99Cold Hearted Jay Chou77,955
cover100年少有為 Ronghao Li77,343
cover101嚣张 En76,874
cover102ELEVEN IVE76,567
cover103擱淺 Jay Chou76,288
cover104How You Like That BLACKPINK75,727
cover105私は最強 Ado75,565
cover106最好的時光 安溥73,957
cover107想了妳6次 王ADEN73,952
cover108Hold My Hand Lady Gaga73,326
cover109Super Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj72,928
cover110紅色高跟鞋 Tanya Chua71,959
cover111HOT SEVENTEEN71,030
cover112真的傻 (電影《一吻定情》追愛版主題曲) LaLa Hsu70,810
cover113All 4 Nothing (I'm So In Love) Lauv69,286
cover114My Universe Coldplay68,960
cover115多遠都要在一起 G.E.M.68,394
cover116Easy On Me Adele67,889
cover117Light Switch Charlie Puth66,896
cover118起點 吳霏66,092
cover119很久以後 G.E.M.65,953
cover120浪子回頭 EggPlantEgg65,565
cover121感谢你曾来过 阿涵65,428
cover122Dynamite BTS65,224
cover123也可以 Janice Yan64,931
cover124天黑請閉眼 九澤CP64,803
cover125Why You Gonna Lie 高爾宣 OSN64,754
cover126DICE NMIXX64,664
cover127有一種悲傷 - 電影《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》主題曲 A-Lin64,490
cover128你的答案 阿冗64,262
cover129Beautiful Mistakes Maroon 564,223
cover130Girls aespa63,961
cover131Illusion aespa63,900
cover132At My Worst Pink Sweat$63,869
cover133Heat Waves Glass Animals63,246
cover134Tot Musica Ado62,691
cover135我就想你 理想混蛋62,178
cover136不得不愛 Will Pan62,042
cover137That's Hilarious Charlie Puth61,581
cover138Hold Me Closer Elton John61,500
cover139Smells Like Me Charlie Puth61,027
cover140珊瑚海 Jay Chou60,983
cover141Memories Maroon 560,908
cover142倫敦的愛情 Shadya Lan60,258
cover143惡作劇 Tangerine Wong59,860
cover144永不失聯的愛 Eric Chou59,618
cover145你,好不好? - Ending Theme Song of TVBS Series "Life List" Eric Chou59,529
cover146遇見 Stefanie Sun58,958
cover147起風了 - 電視劇"加油你是最棒的"主題曲 吳青峰58,708
cover148 PA PUN BAND58,657
cover149夜に駆ける YOASOBI58,594
cover150長成什麼樣子算愛情 Mixer58,528
cover151家家酒 Jia Jia58,319
cover152行星 理想混蛋58,263
cover153年輪說 Rainie Yang58,204
cover154Late Night Talking Harry Styles58,160
cover155想和你看五月的晚霞 陳華58,027
cover156從來沒愛錯 Nicky Lee57,683
cover157路過人間 (電視劇《我們與惡的距離》插曲) Yisa Yu57,600
cover158Lemon Kenshi Yonezu57,590
cover159一路向北 Jay Chou57,475
cover160光年之外 (電影 《Passengers》 中國區主題曲) G.E.M.57,171
cover161你敢不敢 LaLa Hsu57,084
cover162風のゆくえ Ado56,898
cover163隆裡電絲 盛宇DamnShine56,749
cover164白月光与朱砂痣 大籽56,708
cover165About Damn Time Lizzo56,501
cover166重感情的廢物 TRASH56,416
cover167 Yo Lee56,285
cover168冰河時代 G.E.M.55,162
cover169手心的薔薇 JJ Lin55,073
cover170安靜 Jay Chou55,050
cover171那些你很冒險的夢 JJ Lin54,909
cover172無人知曉 Hebe Tien54,585
cover173那些你很冒險的夢 (JJ20版) JJ Lin54,549
cover174满天星辰不及你 yccc54,340
cover175INVU TAEYEON54,280
cover176體面 Kelly Yu54,200
cover177煙幕 Vicky Chen54,147
cover178讓我留在你身邊 Eason Chan54,000
cover179十年 Eason Chan53,674
cover180黑暗的盡頭 Crispy脆樂團53,653
cover1810321 space x53,275
cover182最後一次 高爾宣 OSN52,816
cover183Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi52,477
cover184BROMAN 玖壹壹52,395
cover185群青 YOASOBI52,378
cover186ウタカタララバイ Ado52,328
cover187Leave Before You Love Me Marshmello52,231
cover188Bam Bam Camila Cabello52,221
cover189慢慢喜歡你 Karen Mok52,197
cover190不刪 井朧52,166
cover1912002 Anne-Marie52,123
cover192踮起腳尖愛 Pei-Yu Hung52,053
cover193你愛上的我 Z-Chen52,037
cover194永遠在身邊 Da Mouth51,704
cover195開始懂了 Stefanie Sun51,164
cover196As If It's Your Last BLACKPINK51,036
cover197四季予你 程響51,006
cover198慢慢等 WeiBird50,953
cover199愛你 Cyndi Wang50,876
cover200Stuck with U Ariana Grande50,190

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