Taiwan Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1烏梅子醬 Ronghao Li510,489
cover2OMG NewJeans369,862
cover3Pink Venom BLACKPINK338,950
cover4Ditto NewJeans324,112
cover5如果可以 - 電影"月老"主題曲 WeiBird318,128
cover6Shut Down BLACKPINK306,916
cover7眼淚記得你 - 電影《想見你》主題曲 Shi Shi302,040
cover8親愛的對象 - 《關於我和鬼變成家人的那件事》電影主題曲 Jolin Tsai274,079
cover9嘉宾 张远262,555
cover10飞鸟和蝉 Ren Ran257,340
cover11Hype Boy NewJeans252,760
cover12Tally BLACKPINK250,977
cover13閣愛妳一擺 EggPlantEgg249,877
cover14好不容易 (《華燈初上》片尾曲) 告五人249,449
cover15想和你看五月的晚霞 陳華238,583
cover16How You Like That BLACKPINK238,329
cover17孤勇者 - 《英雄聯盟:雙城之戰》動畫劇集中文主題曲 Eason Chan234,103
cover180321 space x230,358
cover19Hard to Love BLACKPINK228,862
cover20不是因為天氣晴朗才愛你 理想混蛋228,331
cover21从前说 小阿七223,282
cover22情勒 GASLIGHT Marz23217,175
cover23Typa Girl BLACKPINK216,530
cover24Flowers Miley Cyrus214,471
cover25愛情你比我想的閣較偉大 -《當男人戀愛時》電影主題曲 EggPlantEgg211,971
cover26我就想你 理想混蛋205,045
cover27すずめ RADWIMPS203,110
cover28訣愛 (劇集《蒼蘭訣》片頭曲) 詹雯婷200,512
cover29仗着 陈壹千198,516
cover30最後一堂課 - 《媽,別鬧了!》影集片尾曲 Eric Chou191,078
cover31想太多 Nicky Lee189,600
cover32Stay The Kid LAROI186,605
cover33終究還是因為愛 TRASH184,402
cover34炙愛 - 女聲版 Vicky Chen182,298
cover35Letting Go Tanya Chua178,972
cover36小城夏天 LBI利比175,204
cover37Lovesick Girls BLACKPINK174,674
cover38I'm Alive W.M.L173,377
cover39As If It's Your Last BLACKPINK170,329
cover40一念之間 告五人170,298
cover41敦化南路 (Revisit) Gummy B170,007
cover42愛人錯過 告五人167,450
cover43Die For You The Weeknd166,774
cover44擱淺 Jay Chou164,418
cover45Yeah Yeah Yeah BLACKPINK163,355
cover46刻在我心底的名字 (Your Name Engraved Herein) - 電影<刻在你心底的名字>主題曲 Crowd Lu162,380
cover47On The Ground ROSÉ156,724
cover48有些 颜人中155,403
cover49Somebody Else 高爾宣 OSN155,213
cover50Kill This Love BLACKPINK154,731
cover52Without You 高爾宣 OSN153,653
cover53SET ME FREE TWICE151,175
cover54想知道你在想什麼 - 《我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐》電影主題曲 Eric Chou149,625
cover55我很好騙 Power Station149,496
cover56Kill Bill SZA148,078
cover57大海 WeiBird147,706
cover58MONEY LISA146,350
cover59晴天 Jay Chou145,495
cover60你不屬於我 - 《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》影集版片尾曲 Eric Chou142,120
cover62on the street j-hope141,677
cover63披星戴月的想你 告五人138,206
cover64想見你想見你想見你(電視劇"想見你"片尾曲) 831136,142
cover65Set Me Free Pt.2 Jimin135,751
cover66Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Charlie Puth134,744
cover67Attention NewJeans133,834
cover68想了妳6次 王ADEN131,282
cover69石橋 Gummy B128,510
cover70I Ain't Worried OneRepublic127,966
cover71晚风告白 星野127,359
cover72Ghost Justin Bieber124,224
cover73Anti-Hero Taylor Swift121,472
cover75小情歌 Sodagreen120,455
cover76LALISA LISA119,736
cover77SOLO JENNIE117,695
cover78STAY BLACKPINK115,808
cover79慢冷 Fish Leong114,018
cover81毒藥 Xiao Bing Chih113,535
cover82First Love Hikaru Utada113,153
cover83The Happiest Girl BLACKPINK112,802
cover84Ready For Love BLACKPINK112,641
cover85As It Was Harry Styles111,806
cover88Gone ROSÉ109,785
cover89說好不哭 Jay Chou109,248
cover90After LIKE IVE108,975
cover91習慣不習慣 理想混蛋 雞丁107,212
cover92沒有關係 Vicky Chen106,782
cover93Don't Know What To Do BLACKPINK106,376
cover94多遠都要在一起 G.E.M.106,318
cover95愛上你算我賤 NICKTHEREAL106,267
cover96Forever Young BLACKPINK106,146
cover97年少有為 Ronghao Li105,614
cover98摯友 A-Lin104,712
cover99Drowning 高爾宣 OSN104,383
cover100VIBE TAEYANG104,255
cover101LOVE DIVE IVE104,199
cover102浪流連 EggPlantEgg104,140
cover103怎麼了 Eric Chou102,609
cover104唯一 (三立/台視戲劇《戀愛是科學》插曲) 告五人101,359
cover105哪里都是你 队长100,426
cover106遇見 Stefanie Sun99,954
cover107你的答案 阿冗99,853
cover108Pretty Savage BLACKPINK99,752
cover109NIGHT DANCER imase98,771
cover110就忘了吧 1K98,499
cover111Lemon Kenshi Yonezu98,125
cover112勇气 棉子97,362
cover113紅色高跟鞋 Tanya Chua96,641
cover114Unholy Sam Smith95,334
cover115Nxde (G)I-DLE94,977
cover116起风了 - 电视剧"加油你是最棒的"主题曲 吳青峰94,521
cover117Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi94,335
cover118在這座城市遺失了你 (戲劇《他們創業的那些鳥事》插曲) 告五人93,117
cover119又到天黑 告五人92,851
cover120給你一瓶魔法藥水 告五人92,336
cover121Nonsense Sabrina Carpenter91,875
cover122珊瑚海 Jay Chou90,981
cover123當你 Cyndi Wang90,760
cover124后继者 Ren Ran90,580
cover125间距 en90,242
cover126Shivers Ed Sheeran89,773
cover127River Miley Cyrus89,022
cover128当想你成为习惯 KeyKey88,528
cover129galaxy God Øne87,731
cover130癡心無名氏 艾薇86,737
cover131你,好不好? - TVBS連續劇【遺憾拼圖】片尾曲 Eric Chou86,428
cover133TOMBOY (G)I-DLE86,335
cover134カナタハルカ RADWIMPS84,661
cover135Crazy Over You BLACKPINK84,453
cover136golden hour JVKE84,109
cover137十年 Eason Chan83,641
cover138Talk that Talk TWICE82,133
cover139All Of The Girls You Loved Before Taylor Swift82,119
cover140永不失聯的愛 Eric Chou82,000
cover141讓我留在你身邊 Eason Chan81,979
cover142叛逆期 Gummy B81,728
cover143不介意 The Crane81,496
cover144如果雨之後 Eric Chou81,217
cover145七里香 Jay Chou80,549
cover146夏天 Nicky Lee80,397
cover147那些你很冒險的夢 JJ Lin79,921
cover148Promise Jimin79,713
cover149Ice Cream BLACKPINK79,035
cover150路過人間 (電視劇《我們與惡的距離》插曲) Yisa Yu78,776
cover151Memories Remix Maroon 578,082
cover152失重前幸福 艾薇77,214
cover153夜に駆ける YOASOBI77,056
cover154雪 Distance Capper76,894
cover155drunk text Henry Moodie76,533
cover156我睡不著 守夜人76,044
cover157Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez75,931
cover158與我無關 阿冗75,768
cover159Red Line 頑童Mj11675,367
cover160Young, Dumb, Stupid NMIXX75,036
cover161Love Yourself Justin Bieber74,975
cover162Crush On 李浩瑋 Howard Lee74,663
cover163Creepin' Metro Boomin74,596
cover164KICK BACK Kenshi Yonezu74,393
cover165群青 YOASOBI74,323
cover166Fighting (Feat. Lee Young Ji) BSS74,190
cover167Easy On Me Adele73,799
cover168LEFT RIGHT XG73,191
cover169嚣张 en73,144
cover170Bad Habits Ed Sheeran73,047
cover171能不能和我留在台北(陪我幾天) 冰球樂團72,852
cover172Dreamers [Music from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack] Jung Kook72,829
cover173Why You Gonna Lie 高爾宣 OSN72,136
cover174Boy's a liar Pt. 2 PinkPantheress72,009
cover175Love Me Like This NMIXX71,253
cover176愛我的時候 Eric Chou70,948
cover177I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta70,872
cover178幾分之幾 - 電影<花甲大人轉男孩>主題曲 Crowd Lu70,741
cover179痴心絕對 Sam Lee70,565
cover180惡作劇 Tangerine Wong69,794
cover181忽然之間 Karen Mok69,645
cover182安静的稻草人 吴大文69,199
cover183Cookie NewJeans68,938
cover184壞人 Abin Fang68,810
cover185一路向北 Jay Chou68,807
cover186很久以後 - 電影《可不可以,你也剛好喜歡我》主題曲 G.E.M.68,760
cover187浪子回頭 EggPlantEgg68,715
cover188最後一次 高爾宣 OSN68,681
cover189That's Hilarious Charlie Puth68,507
cover190天空沒有極限 G.E.M.67,993
cover191再見煙火 卓義峯67,957
cover192恆溫 Shi Shi67,819
cover193无人之岛 Ren Ran67,796
cover194Peaches Justin Bieber67,467
cover195大眠 Cyndi Wang67,453
cover196遺憾 Abin Fang67,363
cover197你是我的歌 - 《不二兄弟》電影主題曲 A-Lin67,165
cover198500天 Sophie Chen66,847
cover199家家酒 Jia Jia66,815
cover200All 4 Nothing (I'm So In Love) Lauv66,780

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