Japan Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1一途 King Gnu1,873,659
cover2逆夢 King Gnu1,832,103
cover3ベテルギウス Yuuri1,791,822
cover4なんでもないよ、 Macaroni Empitsu1,636,806
cover5ドライフラワー Yuuri1,534,812
cover6きらり Fujii Kaze1,480,065
cover7残響散歌 Aimer1,478,751
cover8水平線 back number1,301,330
cover9CITRUS Da-iCE1,276,006
cover10勿忘 Awesome City Club1,251,667
cover11Butter BTS1,198,774
cover12ハート Aimyon1,184,625
cover13群青 YOASOBI1,167,335
cover14Dynamite BTS1,129,438
cover15踊り子 Vaundy1,106,888
cover16Cry Baby Official HIGE DANdism1,104,184
cover17シャッター Yuuri1,094,944
cover18魔法の絨毯 Takaya Kawasaki1,083,637
cover19夜に駆ける YOASOBI1,082,721
cover20怪物 YOASOBI1,061,990
cover21Permission to Dance BTS1,029,696
cover22Mela! Ryokuoushoku Shakai996,081
cover23STAY (with Justin Bieber) The Kid LAROI988,875
cover24常緑 Chippoke Ohashi963,202
cover25 Ado951,827
cover26シンデレラボーイ Saucy Dog927,475
cover27Stand by me, Stand by you. HIRAIDAI926,582
cover28ヨワネハキ MAISONdes, 和ぬか, asmi926,483
cover30三原色 YOASOBI921,460
cover31ELEVEN IVE912,698
cover32君に夢中 Hikaru Utada877,156
cover33BOY King Gnu874,929
cover34おもかげ (produced by Vaundy) milet, Aimer, Lilas Ikuta868,911
cover35The Feels TWICE841,936
cover36Kaikai Kitan Eve830,881
cover37点描の唄 Mrs. GREEN APPLE, Sonoko Inoue828,145
cover38 DISH//817,848
cover39もう少しだけ YOASOBI796,136
cover40ホワイトキス 鈴木鈴木790,170
cover41115万キロのフィルム Official HIGE DANdism769,833
cover42 Masaki Suda767,139
cover43I LOVE... Official HIGE DANdism757,714
cover44Pretender Official HIGE DANdism750,362
cover45ミライチズ Yoru no Hitowarai747,806
cover46かくれんぼ Yuuri739,597
cover47WA DA DA Kep1er725,494
cover48怪盗 back number723,759
cover49Bluma to Lunch BLOOM VASE717,257
cover50Chopstick NiziU671,956
cover51裸の勇者 Vaundy568,343
cover52クリスマスソング back number523,382
cover53阿修羅ちゃん Ado492,288
cover54Anarchy Official HIGE DANdism490,752
cover55沈丁花 DISH//485,000
cover56白日 King Gnu447,876
cover57napori Vaundy438,826
cover58ツキミソウ Novelbright435,429
cover59花占い Vaundy424,544
cover60恋人ごっこ Macaroni Empitsu423,033
cover61My Universe Coldplay, BTS409,529
cover62裸の心 Aimyon406,837
cover63もしも命が描けたら YOASOBI406,066
cover64ピーターパン Yuuri394,354
cover65怪獣の花唄 Vaundy391,942
cover66ギラギラ Ado388,110
cover67Walking with you Novelbright387,134
cover68不可幸力 Vaundy380,188
cover69 LiSA375,754
cover70うっせぇわ Ado368,414
cover71夜撫でるメノウ Ayase359,314
cover72ブルーベリー・ナイツ Macaroni Empitsu349,565
cover73マリーゴールド Aimyon329,808
cover74アンコール YOASOBI328,244
cover75ラブレター YOASOBI326,496
cover76あぁ、もう。 Saucy Dog325,950
cover77W / X / Y Tani Yuuki325,899
cover78ハルジオン YOASOBI325,436
cover79感電 Kenshi Yonezu321,743
cover80ハルカ YOASOBI319,538
cover81海のリビング 鈴木鈴木317,675
cover82題名のない今日 HIRAIDAI316,181
cover83燃えよ Fujii Kaze312,767
cover84ワタリドリ [Alexandros]311,800
cover85不思議 Gen Hoshino310,552
cover86春を告げる yama310,176
cover87Curtain Call Shota Shimizu, Taka309,455
cover88明け星 LiSA308,468
cover89Romance YOASOBI305,694
cover90Savage aespa305,513
cover91花束のかわりにメロディーを Shota Shimizu300,753
cover92Film out BTS299,593
cover93HAPPY BIRTHDAY back number294,679
cover94猫 〜THE FIRST TAKE ver.〜 DISH//293,987
cover95いつか Saucy Dog293,835
cover96Step Back GOT the beat293,465
cover97旅路 Fujii Kaze292,489
cover98藍才 Eve284,740
cover99U millennium parade, Belle283,565
cover100Buddy HIRAIDAI282,498
cover101何なんw Fujii Kaze280,743
cover102Answer Lilas Ikuta277,724
cover103世界の秘密 Vaundy274,549
cover104Lemon Kenshi Yonezu274,280
cover105のびしろ Creepy Nuts272,280
cover106紅蓮華 LiSA271,150
cover107黄色 back number270,316
cover108Tokimeki Vaundy267,575
cover109abcdefu GAYLE264,770
cover110アルデバラン AI264,475
cover111夏音 Yuuri263,417
cover112たぶん YOASOBI261,415
cover113アイノカタチ MISIA, HIDE (GReeeeN)259,262
cover114Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) BTS259,094
cover115愛を知るまでは Aimyon258,864
cover116Pale Blue Kenshi Yonezu258,526
cover117Shivers Ed Sheeran256,639
cover118Take a picture NiziU256,444
cover119SCIENTIST TWICE253,280
cover120あいつら全員同窓会 ZUTOMAYO252,966
cover121Landscape Ryokuoushoku Shakai251,516
cover122桜が降る夜は Aimyon251,150
cover123アポトーシス Official HIGE DANdism250,202
cover124青と夏 Mrs. GREEN APPLE248,414
cover126Stay Gold BTS247,622
cover127優しい彗星 YOASOBI247,049
cover128ツバメ (feat. ミドリーズ) YOASOBI244,035
cover129あの夢をなぞって YOASOBI243,891
cover130Ordinary days milet242,650
cover131キセキ GReeeeN242,347
cover132シル・ヴ・プレジデント P丸様。241,534
cover133イージーゲーム natsumi, 和ぬか240,509
cover134Dreams Come True aespa238,520
cover135Life Goes On BTS237,702
cover136silent SEKAI NO OWARI235,618
cover137INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow) Lil Nas X235,147
cover138Make you happy NiziU234,436
cover139ノーダウト Official HIGE DANdism233,798
cover140Talking Box WurtS231,426
cover141高嶺の花子さん back number230,503
cover142愛しき日々の真ん中で HIRAIDAI227,895
cover143Oz. yama226,155
cover144東京フラッシュ Vaundy225,972
cover145One Last Kiss Hikaru Utada224,755
cover146Universe Official HIGE DANdism224,371
cover147君はロックを聴かない Aimyon222,666
cover148奏(かなで) Sukima Switch222,629
cover149Shape of You Ed Sheeran222,003
cover150まちがいさがし Masaki Suda221,967
cover151Happiness Che'Nelle221,188
cover152インフェルノ Mrs. GREEN APPLE220,476
cover153 Saucy Dog220,337
cover154Nijiiro no Sensou SEKAI NO OWARI220,053
cover155Wherever you are ONE OK ROCK219,741
cover156ただ君に晴れ ヨルシカ219,708
cover157愛唄 GReeeeN218,581
cover158ヤングアダルト Macaroni Empitsu216,601
cover159僕のこと Mrs. GREEN APPLE215,248
cover160優しさ Fujii Kaze215,105
cover161Shukumei Official HIGE DANdism214,424
cover162Love Song Uru213,492
cover163Sacrifice The Weeknd213,413
cover164青春病 Fujii Kaze213,026
cover165ナイトオンザプラネット Creep Hyp212,758
cover166花束 back number212,474
cover167ラストシーン Masaki Suda212,472
cover168プロローグ Uru211,915
cover169ハルノヒ Aimyon208,441
cover170全力少年 Sukima Switch207,922
cover171君の為のキミノウタ Takaya Kawasaki207,143
cover172オールドファッション back number206,263
cover173春泥棒 ヨルシカ204,119
cover174さよならエレジー Masaki Suda203,726
cover175Easy On Me Adele203,295
cover176Yesterday Official HIGE DANdism202,895
cover177大阪LOVER DREAMS COME TRUE202,570
cover178神っぽいな PinocchioP202,560
cover179なないろ BUMP OF CHICKEN201,392
cover180Bad Habits Ed Sheeran200,993
cover181Shining One BE:FIRST198,279
cover182HANABI Mr.Children198,231
cover183Lights BTS196,778
cover184三文小説 King Gnu195,658
cover185飛行艇 King Gnu194,857
cover186瞬き back number194,066
cover187帰ろう Fujii Kaze193,124
cover188しわあわせ Vaundy193,072
cover189カイト ARASHI192,652
cover190Next Level aespa192,636
cover191ヴァンパイア DECO*27192,312
cover192分かってないよ WurtS192,295
cover193Surges Orangestar, 夏背, ルワン192,102
cover194僕らまた SG190,932
cover195DNA BTS190,748
cover196Teenager Forever King Gnu189,749
cover197Step and a step NiziU188,086
cover19810月無口な君を忘れる あたらよ188,035
cover199ハッピーエンド back number186,521
cover200小さな恋のうた MONGOL800185,853

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