Saudi Arabia Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1Like Crazy Jimin125,338
cover2End of Beginning Djo111,938
cover3i like the way you kiss me Artemas93,463
cover4we can't be friends (wait for your love) Ariana Grande74,543
cover5Seven Jung Kook57,802
cover6Love Me Again V56,844
cover7Like That Future55,723
cover8FE!N Travis Scott54,190
cover9One Of The Girls The Weeknd52,715
cover10SLAY! Eternxlkz52,534
cover11My Love Mine All Mine Mitski50,767
cover12Magnetic ILLIT50,171
cover13I've Been Waiting - Radio Mix Zoë Badwi49,974
cover14Smart LE SSERAFIM48,881
cover15ياويل حالي Mohammed Bin Grman47,857
cover16FRI(END)S V46,138
cover17greedy Tate McRae46,025
cover18ONE CALL Rich Amiri45,953
cover19favorite Isabel LaRosa42,910
cover203D Jung Kook42,655
cover21MONTAGEM DIAMANTE ROSA - SLOWED vtze archive42,204
cover22Montagem Mysterious Game LXNGVX41,877
cover23I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys37,553
cover24Standing Next to You Jung Kook37,167
cover25Pieces Of My Heart Charlotte Duval36,740
cover26FUNKED UP - SLOWED xxanteria35,385
cover27watch Billie Eilish34,991
cover28Popular The Weeknd34,837
cover29Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex33,864
cover30CARNIVAL ¥$33,484
cover31BRODYAGA FUNK Eternxlkz33,396
cover32Set Fire to the Rain Adele31,077
cover33Cry Cigarettes After Sex31,005
cover34505 Arctic Monkeys30,740
cover35Deja Vu TOMORROW X TOGETHER30,723
cover36Starboy The Weeknd30,109
cover37Type Shit Future29,960
cover38Too Sweet Hozier29,726
cover39كلام عينيه Sherine29,226
cover40Another Love Tom Odell28,701
cover41هيجيلي موجوع Tamer Ashour27,469
cover42Haram Aliek Nasrat Al Badr27,379
cover43الناس انواع احميده البرهومي27,121
cover45Beautiful Things Benson Boone26,855
cover46Til We See The Sunlight - radio edit Dick Groves26,592
cover47Happy Nation Ace of Base26,411
cover49Rdy Ayed26,046
cover51hotline (edit) Billie Eilish25,751
cover52Not Allowed TV Girl25,750
cover53Softcore The Neighbourhood25,390
cover54Make You Mine Madison Beer25,373
cover55This Is The Life Amy Macdonald25,364
cover56Romantic Homicide d4vd25,267
cover57Wedding Muhammad Al Muqit25,055
cover58MONTAGEM - PR FUNK S3BZS25,020
cover59Cinderella Future24,511
cover60Cruel Summer Taylor Swift24,326
cover61Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey24,316
cover62The Night We Met Lord Huron23,767
cover63K. Cigarettes After Sex23,614
cover64Fluxxwave Clovis Reyes23,261
cover66Nothing's New Rio Romeo22,850
cover67ياحلوه يا مظلومه ابو سراج22,394
cover68The Color Violet Tory Lanez22,353
cover69Revenge XXXTENTACION22,308
cover70Khbr Fezzni Nabel Al Adeeb22,266
cover71Daylight David Kushner21,887
cover72redrum 21 Savage21,793
cover739mm Memphis Cult21,713
cover74Bling-Bang-Bang-Born Creepy Nuts21,589
cover75Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood21,173
cover76the boy is mine Ariana Grande21,013
cover77ecstacy (slowed) SUICIDAL-IDOL20,958
cover78Heavenly Cigarettes After Sex20,807
cover79Lovers Rock TV Girl20,741
cover80Duvet bôa20,684
cover81يا ابن الأوادم Abdul Majeed Abdullah20,428
cover82Too Many Nights Metro Boomin19,774
cover83اغاني عراقي حزين | يتعبك يتعبك كون الله يتعبك . Mohamed Mahrous19,697
cover84Freed from Desire Gala19,507
cover857 Minute Drill J. Cole19,420
cover86If We Being Rëal Yeat19,375
cover87EASY LE SSERAFIM19,284
cover88Sex, Drugs, Etc. Beach Weather19,270
cover89older Isabel LaRosa19,125
cover90Daddy Issues The Neighbourhood19,092
cover91Slow Dancing V19,075
cover92Sunsetz Cigarettes After Sex18,988
cover93Skyfall - Full Length Adele18,757
cover94شلون بية Aws Al Saber18,749
cover95snowfall Øneheart18,733
cover96اغاني عراقي حزين | الله وياه راح انساه - ترك الروح بالم خلاها - بطيئ Mohamed Mahrous18,550
cover97Automotivo Bibi Fogosa Bibi Babydoll18,443
cover98FRESH NXVAMANE18,393
cover99Without Me Eminem18,312
cover100I Love You So The Walters18,289
cover101Shameless Camila Cabello18,121
cover102Kill Bill SZA17,878
cover103Die For You The Weeknd17,847
cover104مغربية طيارة Astknan Maghribi17,834
cover105Feather Sabrina Carpenter17,834
cover106NEURON j-hope17,825
cover107Saturn SZA17,821
cover108المهزلة Nasrat Albader17,694
cover109Cigarettes out the Window TV Girl17,651
cover110Water Tyla17,635
cover111cardigan Taylor Swift17,628
cover112Reflections The Neighbourhood17,548
cover113MY EYES Travis Scott17,468
cover114What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] Billie Eilish17,441
cover115if u think i'm pretty Artemas17,426
cover116Soaked Shy Smith17,346
cover117Trance Metro Boomin17,238
cover118yes, and? Ariana Grande17,146
cover119Somewhere Only We Know Keane17,121
cover120Kahtan Mada Ma Yazoul Shela16,968
cover121Lady Killers II - Christoph Andersson Remix G-Eazy16,962
cover122SMOKE IT OFF! Lumi Athena16,959
cover123Diamonds Rihanna16,941
cover124Blinding Lights The Weeknd16,930
cover125Mockingbird Eminem16,762
cover126DNA LXNGVX16,755
cover127Save Your Tears The Weeknd16,697
cover128Young Metro Future16,684
cover129وين صرتي Raad And Methaq16,587
cover130CUTE DEPRESSED Dyan Dxddy16,478
cover131intro (end of the world) Ariana Grande16,440
cover132Jealous Eyedress16,415
cover133Tek It Cafuné16,370
cover134fukumean Gunna16,364
cover135Khaleny Fe Hodnak Tamer Ashour16,298
cover136Paint The Town Red Doja Cat16,220
cover137TQBL Kol Hussain Ghazal16,211
cover138Murder In My Mind Kordhell16,197
cover139MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Elley Duhé16,196
cover140Night Changes One Direction16,103
cover141Never Lose Me Flo Milli16,080
cover142As It Was Harry Styles16,075
cover143Dandelions Ruth B.16,056
cover144The Lost Soul Down X Lost Soul NBSPLV16,018
cover145Clocks Coldplay15,972
cover147One Dance Drake15,876
cover148Something About You Eyedress15,795
cover149I'm so crazy for youuu </3 Rebzyyx15,738
cover150اغاني عراقي حزين | اسأل عني ميت عايش - بطيئ Mohamed Mahrous15,633
cover151i'm yours Isabel LaRosa15,627
cover152Say Yes To Heaven Lana Del Rey15,621
cover153Royalty Egzod15,618
cover154عراقي مسرع - يتعبني حبيبي وياه 291i sng15,617
cover155Shut up My Moms Calling Hotel Ugly15,528
cover156Viva La Vida Coldplay15,521
cover157Faded Alan Walker15,418
cover158عشت لحظات Husam Al Rassam15,252
cover159i was only temporary my head is empty15,178
cover160FUNKED UP xxanteria15,174
cover161I KNOW ? Travis Scott15,157
cover162You Get Me So High The Neighbourhood15,150
cover163Romantic Lover Eyedress15,063
cover164تتنفسك دنياي Abdul Majeed Abdullah15,010
cover165Wainek Min Zaman Yazan Haifawi15,004
cover166Woseltelha Haifa Wehbe14,896
cover167Stargirl Interlude The Weeknd14,893
cover168Here With Me d4vd14,893
cover169lovely Billie Eilish14,882
cover170MANDA BALA Ariis14,877
cover171Super Shy NewJeans14,808
cover172i wonder... j-hope14,735
cover173Gata Only FloyyMenor14,729
cover174bye Ariana Grande14,701
cover175Agora Hills Doja Cat14,660
cover176Perfect Night LE SSERAFIM14,585
cover177مهموم Raad And Methaq14,581
cover178Shaht Maht, Pt. 2 Ferket El Khamsa Mazag14,518
cover179Breathe Yeat14,467
cover180Tek It - Sped Up Cafuné14,408
cover181Akhsamna Tandas - Remix Shela14,393
cover182DICE AND ROLL Odetari14,361
cover183Cheri Cheri Lady Modern Talking14,328
cover184Sweet Cigarettes After Sex14,297
cover185YUM YUM LXNGVX14,281
cover186BAIXO xxanteria14,231
cover187Tejene (2) Ayed14,207
cover188ENOUGH! Eternxlkz14,202
cover189Strangers Kenya Grace14,182
cover190CLEARED - Remix Lilithzplug14,182
cover191Counting Stars OneRepublic14,124
cover192اغاني عراقي حزين | حبنا انتهى وراح خليني ناسيك - بطيئه Mohamed Mahrous14,098
cover193Dark Red Steve Lacy14,078
cover194Under The Influence Chris Brown14,037
cover195Sequência da Dz7 TRASHXRL14,016
cover196اغاني عراقي حزين | ولا واحد طلع صافي - بطيئ Mohamed Mahrous14,005
cover197The Way of the Tears Muhammad Al Muqit13,990
cover198اغاني عراقي حزين | قبل يومين - بطيئ Mohamed Mahrous13,982
cover199From The Start Laufey13,888
cover200WTF 2 Ugovhb13,798

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