Iceland Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1i like the way you kiss me Artemas48,787
cover2Too Sweet Hozier40,795
cover3Like That Future36,532
cover4Skína PATRi!K33,427
cover5Dvel ég í draumahöll Hafdís Huld32,307
cover6CARNIVAL ¥$28,825
cover7Hef Verið Verri Herra Hnetusmjör27,692
cover8Sama um PATRi!K26,997
cover9we can't be friends (wait for your love) Ariana Grande26,585
cover10Lose Control Teddy Swims26,327
cover11End of Beginning Djo26,121
cover12Beautiful Things Benson Boone25,339
cover13Type Shit Future25,092
cover14Hvert ertu að fara? Háski24,952
cover15Litlar stjörnur Hafdís Huld24,602
cover16TEXAS HOLD 'EM Beyoncé24,172
cover17BOSSED UP Izleifur24,167
cover18Sofðu unga ástin mín Hafdís Huld23,077
cover19Tell Ur Girlfriend Lay Bankz22,935
cover20Óskasteinar Hafdís Huld22,825
cover21KOSS Á ÞIG (Áramótaskaup 2023) Herra Hnetusmjör22,394
cover22Sofa urtubörn Hafdís Huld21,910
cover23FE!N Travis Scott20,990
cover24Ljós Hafdís Huld20,815
cover25Bíum bíum bambaló Hafdís Huld20,230
cover26Prada cassö20,046
cover27Ævintýralönd Hafdís Huld19,798
cover28Góða nótt Hafdís Huld19,192
cover29Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield18,255
cover30Frost er úti fuglinn minn Hafdís Huld18,180
cover31Krumla ICEGUYS18,155
cover32Bí bí og blaka Hafdís Huld18,054
cover33greedy Tate McRae18,050
cover34Sofðu Hafdís Huld17,864
cover35We Still Don't Trust You Future17,508
cover36Elska Daniil17,216
cover37Nóttin læðist inn Hafdís Huld17,183
cover38Pedro Jaxomy16,894
cover39Sólskin Hafdís Huld16,884
cover40Hvað með þig? NUSSUN16,490
cover41Þú ert Hafdís Huld16,305
cover42Bakka ekki út Aron Can16,249
cover43Austin Dasha14,295
cover44ONE CALL Rich Amiri13,787
cover45Let It Burn Miss Freddye13,127
cover46redrum 21 Savage13,080
cover47Engill Floni12,862
cover48Gata Only FloyyMenor12,750
cover49I LUV IT Camila Cabello12,708
cover50Praise Jah In The Moonlight YG Marley12,627
cover51The Sound of Silence - CYRIL Remix Disturbed12,495
cover52Saturn SZA12,211
cover53Stick Season Noah Kahan12,064
cover54The Night We Met Lord Huron12,040
cover55Cinderella Future11,871
cover56BURN ¥$11,797
cover57Pink + White Frank Ocean11,763
cover58Espresso Sabrina Carpenter11,742
cover59Hetjan Jóhanna Guðrún11,727
cover60Evergreen Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners11,585
cover61Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers11,411
cover62SÍMINN DAUÐUR Izleifur11,146
cover63Sólin Kristmundur Axel11,128
cover64If We Being Rëal Yeat11,080
cover65Rómeó og Júlía Bubbi Morthens11,003
cover66Belong Together Mark Ambor10,994
cover67HITIII á klúbbnum PATRi!K10,918
cover68Sama Stað JóiPé10,651
cover69Cruel Summer Taylor Swift10,444
cover70Another Love Tom Odell10,332
cover71Bíómynd VÆB10,240
cover72if u think i'm pretty Artemas10,191
cover73What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] Billie Eilish10,158
cover74I Smoked Away My Brain (I'm God x Demons Mashup) A$AP Rocky10,100
cover75Esjan BRÍET10,057
cover76One Of The Girls The Weeknd10,046
cover77Scared To Start Michael Marcagi10,038
cover78A Bar Song (Tipsy) Shaboozey10,030
cover79ALEINN Daniil9,967
cover80Í Fullri Hreinskilni JóiPé9,908
cover81Í löngu máli Una Torfa9,829
cover82Heartless Kanye West9,771
cover83Water Tyla9,706
cover84YEAAA Daniil9,669
cover85Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 Kanye West9,657
cover86Training Season Dua Lipa9,512
cover87Rúlletta ICEGUYS9,506
cover88Sundress A$AP Rocky9,498
cover89Lovin On Me Jack Harlow9,436
cover90Illusion Dua Lipa9,408
cover91Flowers Miley Cyrus9,374
cover92Thank You (Not So Bad) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike9,368
cover93Afgan Bubbi Morthens9,360
cover94My Love Mine All Mine Mitski9,335
cover95EITRAVÍK Izleifur9,277
cover96Houdini Dua Lipa9,251
cover97Rólegur Kúreki BRÍET9,149
cover98I Remember Everything Zach Bryan9,117
cover99Hell N Back Bakar9,044
cover100Slow It Down Benson Boone9,027
cover101Lady Killers II - Christoph Andersson Remix G-Eazy8,993
cover102Yfir strikið Una Torfa8,966
cover103Stingum Af Mugison8,860
cover104II MOST WANTED Beyoncé8,858
cover105overseas Ken Carson8,857
cover106Back On 74 Jungle8,835
cover107Take Me To Church Hozier8,817
cover108Fyrrverandi Una Torfa8,793
cover109Breathe Yeat8,602
cover110yes, and? Ariana Grande8,542
cover111Show of Hands Future8,538
cover112From The Start Laufey8,526
cover113Out Of My Hands Future8,449
cover114FUK SUMN ¥$8,440
cover115Já ég veit Birnir8,370
cover116Have You Ever Seen The Rain Creedence Clearwater Revival8,354
cover117Hjá þér Sálin hans Jóns míns8,323
cover118Dreams - 2004 Remaster Fleetwood Mac8,298
cover119I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta8,297
cover120ÁSTIN MÍN Daniil8,294
cover121Drink N Dance Future8,282
cover122Nobody Gets Me SZA8,214
cover123EF ÞEIR VILJA BEEF Daniil8,193
cover124Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi8,181
cover125OG HVAÐ? Izleifur8,126
cover126Fallegur dagur Bubbi Morthens8,120
cover127MY EYES Travis Scott8,106
cover128All The Stars Kendrick Lamar8,085
cover129Take on Me a-ha8,058
cover130Gugguvaktin PATRi!K7,906
cover131Gúanó Stelpan Mugison7,902
cover132Homecoming Kanye West7,901
cover133One Dance Drake7,852
cover134AUTO Johann7,848
cover135Ástrós Bubbi Morthens7,801
cover136prettyboitjokko PATRi!K7,783
cover137París Norðursins Prins Póló7,760
cover138Popular The Weeknd7,732
cover139Way Down We Go KALEO7,703
cover140Tárin falla hægt Bubbi Morthens7,692
cover141Sitt sýnist hverjum Úlfur Úlfur7,655
cover142FOS JóiPé7,635
cover143Lost Frank Ocean7,601
cover144vampire Olivia Rodrigo7,568
cover145Fimm BRÍET7,557
cover146Cha Cha Cha Käärijä7,555
cover147Rúntarinn Steindi Jr.7,554
cover148Í síðasta skipti Friðrik Dór7,538
cover149Vinn Við Það Herra Hnetusmjör7,531
cover150Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival7,515
cover151JOLENE Beyoncé7,505
cover152Flashing Lights Kanye West7,401
cover153FLÝG UPP Aron Can7,392
cover154Lush Life Zara Larsson7,372
cover155Jealous Future7,341
cover156Runaway Kanye West7,336
cover157Praise The Lord (Da Shine) A$AP Rocky7,301
cover158Here Comes The Sun - Remastered 2009 The Beatles7,283
cover159Thinkin Bout You Frank Ocean7,208
cover160Rich Baby Daddy Drake7,195
cover161Þú sagðir GDRN7,158
cover162Murder On The Dancefloor Sophie Ellis-Bextor7,136
cover163Í larí lei Sigga Beinteins7,134
cover164Þorparinn HÚGÓ7,106
cover165Whatever Kygo7,087
cover166Nightcrawler Travis Scott7,084
cover167Vienna Billy Joel7,048
cover168These Words Badger7,017
cover169White Noise Sleeping Aid to Help My Baby Fall Asleep, Sleep Through the Night White Noise Baby Sleep7,009
cover170Það er gott að elska Bubbi Morthens6,985
cover171RÁÐINN Tónhylur Akademía6,946
cover172Too Many Nights Metro Boomin6,944
cover173As It Was Harry Styles6,939
cover174Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna6,936
cover175Don't Stop Me Now - Remastered 2011 Queen6,922
cover176Ivy Frank Ocean6,898
cover177Jump Tyla6,888
cover178I'm Still Standing Elton John6,885
cover179ALL IN Herra Hnetusmjör6,874
cover180I KNOW ? Travis Scott6,862
cover181Highway to Hell AC/DC6,850
cover182Valerie Mark Ronson6,817
cover183Upp Til Hópa Herra Hnetusmjör6,808
cover185Unforgettable French Montana6,793
cover186July Noah Cyrus6,789
cover187Leðurblaka Daniil6,783
cover188Þú ert stormur Una Torfa6,780
cover189I Don't Wanna Wait David Guetta6,720
cover190Blinding Lights The Weeknd6,702
cover191Eða? GusGus6,696
cover192BUTTERFLY EFFECT Travis Scott6,688
cover193MONEY ON THE DASH - SPED UP Elley Duhé6,651
cover194We Don't Trust You Future6,625
cover195Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison6,609
cover196We Found Love Rihanna6,607
cover197Back To Black Amy Winehouse6,605
cover198No Role Modelz J. Cole6,603
cover199Sólin Er Komin Mugison6,586
cover200Never Lose Me Flo Milli6,565

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