Iceland Top 200 Spotify Music With Lyrics

cover1I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta36,937
cover2Dvel ég í draumahöll Hafdís Huld25,129
cover3Einhvers staðar einhvern tímann aftur GDRN22,779
cover4As It Was Harry Styles21,847
cover5Litlar stjörnur Hafdís Huld20,645
cover6Óskasteinar Hafdís Huld19,844
cover7Sofðu unga ástin mín Hafdís Huld19,371
cover8Dýrð í dauðaþögn BRÍET19,324
cover9EF ÞEIR VILJA BEEF Daniil18,570
cover10Super Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj18,042
cover11Sofa urtubörn Hafdís Huld17,840
cover12I Ain't Worried OneRepublic17,624
cover13Ljós Hafdís Huld17,294
cover14Leiðin okkar allra GDRN16,767
cover15Rósin GDRN16,507
cover16Bíum bíum bambaló Hafdís Huld16,266
cover17Vikivaki GDRN15,792
cover18Ævintýralönd Hafdís Huld15,752
cover19Glimpse of Us Joji15,562
cover20Góða nótt Hafdís Huld15,403
cover21700 Þúsund stólar GDRN15,349
cover22Doja Central Cee15,288
cover23Ég veit þú kemur GDRN15,188
cover24Nóttin læðist inn Hafdís Huld14,802
cover25Ó, þú GDRN14,791
cover26Sólskin Hafdís Huld14,526
cover27Hvert örstutt spor GDRN14,192
cover28Bí bí og blaka Hafdís Huld14,189
cover29Sofðu Hafdís Huld14,158
cover30Frost er úti fuglinn minn Hafdís Huld14,097
cover31Bad Habit Steve Lacy13,860
cover32Another Love Tom Odell13,647
cover33Bound 2 Kanye West13,570
cover34Morgunsól GDRN13,459
cover35Jimmy Cooks Drake13,407
cover36Í larí lei THØR13,355
cover37Hjarta mitt GDRN13,263
cover38Heat Waves Glass Animals13,134
cover39Þú ert Hafdís Huld13,033
cover40Hold Me Closer Elton John12,994
cover41Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush12,879
cover42Esjan BRÍET12,513
cover43Ferrari James Hype12,118
cover44SNAP Rosa Linn12,089
cover45Under The Influence Chris Brown12,066
cover46Í larí lei Sigga Beinteins11,829
cover47Í larí lei Stuðlabandið11,542
cover48Late Night Talking Harry Styles11,133
cover49About Damn Time Lizzo10,939
cover50Hate It Or Love It The Game10,506
cover51Heartless Kanye West10,216
cover52Fimm BRÍET10,011
cover53CUFF IT Beyoncé9,844
cover54IKEA STELPAN ClubDub9,739
cover55Cold Heart - PNAU Remix Elton John9,727
cover56Mary On A Cross Ghost9,631
cover57Aldrei Toppað FM95BLÖ9,560
cover58I Was Never There The Weeknd9,548
cover59Rólegur Kúreki BRÍET9,487
cover60B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) - Edit Eliza Rose9,216
cover61Forget Me Lewis Capaldi9,211
cover62Pepas Farruko8,923
cover63BREAK MY SOUL Beyoncé8,784
cover64Rómeó og Júlía Bubbi Morthens8,582
cover65Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) Doja Cat8,417
cover66Unstoppable Sia8,271
cover67Leðurblaka Daniil8,222
cover68Ástrós Bubbi Morthens8,210
cover69Die For You The Weeknd8,016
cover70Bam Bam Camila Cabello8,016
cover71Einskonar ást Brunaliðið7,858
cover72WAIT FOR U Future7,685
cover73Eyjanótt Klara Elias7,650
cover74Afgan Bubbi Morthens7,603
cover75Static Steve Lacy7,543
cover76Stay The Kid LAROI7,408
cover77Ni**as In Paris JAY-Z7,406
cover78Viva La Vida Coldplay7,399
cover79Hotel Montell Fish7,275
cover80Talk Yeat7,248
cover81Romantic Homicide d4vd7,190
cover82FLÝG UPP Aron Can7,173
cover83Shut Down BLACKPINK7,082
cover84Where Are You Now Lost Frequencies7,010
cover85Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood6,988
cover86Sólblóm BRÍET6,890
cover87Drive Séra Bjössi6,889
cover88No Role Modelz J. Cole6,888
cover89I'm Not The Only One Sam Smith6,888
cover90Blinding Lights The Weeknd6,796
cover91Sunroof Nicky Youre6,794
cover92First Class Jack Harlow6,790
cover93BILLIE EILISH. Armani White6,754
cover94Flashing Lights Kanye West6,683
cover95Someone You Loved Lewis Capaldi6,671
cover96Money Trees Kendrick Lamar6,646
cover97Farinn HÚGÓ6,628
cover98Shallow Lady Gaga6,606
cover99Shivers Ed Sheeran6,598
cover100Bleikur og blár Friðrik Dór6,576
cover101I Like You (A Happier Song) Post Malone6,569
cover102Ef ástin er hrein Jón Jónsson6,561
cover103One Kiss Calvin Harris6,532
cover104Hafið er svart Jónas Sig6,497
cover105Það er gott að elska Bubbi Morthens6,434
cover106The Color Violet Tory Lanez6,412
cover107Vor í Vaglaskógi KALEO6,398
cover108Yellow Coldplay6,365
cover109Lost Frank Ocean6,358
cover110Stargirl Interlude The Weeknd6,324
cover111Fallegur dagur Bubbi Morthens6,320
cover112Redbone Childish Gambino6,272
cover113NO SNITCHING Lil Mabu6,262
cover114Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez6,170
cover115Afraid To Feel LF SYSTEM6,165
cover116Belly Dancer Imanbek6,151
cover117Murder In My Mind Kordhell6,097
cover1182 Be Loved (Am I Ready) Lizzo6,068
cover119Master Of Puppets Metallica6,034
cover120The Real Slim Shady Eminem6,027
cover121Easy On Me Adele6,014
cover122Violent Crimes Kanye West5,982
cover123No Church In The Wild JAY-Z5,976
cover124Geekd Daniil5,965
cover125Without Me Eminem5,963
cover126Where Is My Mind? - Remastered Pixies5,948
cover127Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex5,947
cover128Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish5,940
cover129Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey5,938
cover130Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles5,937
cover131Bad Habits Ed Sheeran5,929
cover132Starboy The Weeknd5,910
cover133I'm Still Standing Elton John5,880
cover134STAYING ALIVE DJ Khaled5,836
cover135Dark Red Steve Lacy5,835
cover136Bohemian Rhapsody - Remastered 2011 Queen5,822
cover137Stan Eminem5,800
cover138Save Your Tears The Weeknd5,794
cover139Pink + White Frank Ocean5,794
cover140Hata að hafa þig ekki hér - SAMSUNG SESSJÓN Friðrik Dór5,733
cover141Leiðin Okkar Allra Hjálmar5,722
cover142Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 Kanye West5,649
cover143In Da Club 50 Cent5,631
cover144Eitt lag enn Brimkló5,620
cover145The Night We Met Lord Huron5,597
cover146Call Out My Name The Weeknd5,595
cover147Evergreen Omar Apollo5,573
cover148Nýtt líf Friðrik Karlsson5,557
cover149Stay - Album Version (Edited) Rihanna5,524
cover150Bones Imagine Dragons5,512
cover151Only Love Can Hurt Like This Paloma Faith5,504
cover152Green Green Grass George Ezra5,503
cover153Vogur Birnir5,498
cover154Í síðasta skipti Friðrik Dór5,492
cover155Pink Venom BLACKPINK5,460
cover156The Motto Tiësto5,458
cover157Aldrei fór ég suður Bubbi Morthens5,455
cover158Baugar Birnir5,452
cover159Stingum Af Mugison5,447
cover160Ghost Justin Bieber5,434
cover161Me and Your Mama Childish Gambino5,410
cover162Syneta Bubbi Morthens5,402
cover163Vakta Svæðið ISSI5,402
cover164Týnda kynslóðin Bjartmar Guðlaugsson5,362
cover165Lætur mig GDRN5,305
cover166Sex, Drugs, Etc. Beach Weather5,297
cover167Words Alesso5,250
cover168Freestyle Lil Baby5,216
cover169Wet Dreamz J. Cole5,191
cover170Victoria’s Secret Jax5,189
cover171New Gold Gorillaz5,154
cover172Cozy Rain & Thunder, Pt. 05 Sleep Candy Music5,149
cover173Chicago Freestyle Drake5,148
cover174Gangsta's Paradise Coolio5,148
cover175Sódóma Sálin hans Jóns míns5,140
cover176BLINDAR GÖTUR Aron Can5,140
cover177Turn On The Lights again.. Fred again..5,133
cover178In The Stars Benson Boone5,125
cover179INDUSTRY BABY Lil Nas X5,102
cover180Drip Too Hard (Lil Baby & Gunna) Lil Baby5,093
cover181The Hills The Weeknd5,082
cover182Dreams - 2004 Remaster Fleetwood Mac5,042
cover183Smells Like Teen Spirit - Remastered Nirvana5,017
cover184Don't Stop Me Now - Remastered Queen5,015
cover185Hjá þér Sálin hans Jóns míns5,010
cover186Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses5,006
cover18721 Reasons Nathan Dawe4,992
cover188Way Down We Go KALEO4,986
cover189ball w/o you 21 Savage4,984
cover190Lose Yourself Eminem4,960
cover191I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys4,930
cover192When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars4,917
cover193lovely Billie Eilish4,915
cover194Slæmir Ávanar Birnir4,904
cover195Runaway Kanye West4,895
cover196Creep Radiohead4,883
cover197All The Pretty Girls KALEO4,883
cover198Enter Sandman Metallica4,875
cover199Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52 Bizarrap4,868
cover200THATS WHAT I WANT Lil Nas X4,865

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